This Valentine’s Day make the most permanent declaration of love on the Bitcoin blockchain distributed over 10,000 nodes

Valentine’s day is around the corner and in this month of love, the lovers around the world think of unique ways of expressing their love to their partner. While many businesses come up with adorable ways of letting people express love through gifts, notes, events and more, this blockchain project offers a completely new and remarkably unique way to declare love. It allows anyone to write a message for their partner on the Bitcoin blockchain without any cost.

The message will last here as long as the Bitcoin exists and anyone on the blockchain will be able to see it unless the user encrypts the message. It is surely a modern, permanent, immutable and geeky way of expressing love to their partner. What’s more? Anyone who writes a message for their partner will also get a fancy certificate for it!

The immutability of the blockchain finds unexpected use in the fight against Chinese censorship, publicly committing to new year’s resolutions, saving marriage vows or storing prayers. And now it can also be used to preserve declarations of love. People do have an irresistible urge to turn their emotions into permanent physical things and nature or urban environment is full of examples – padlocks on bridges, engraved hearts in trees.

In some places in the world, padlocks are so popular that they overload the bridges. Lovechain is here to enable anyone to satisfy this need in the crypto era. Anyone can write a message on Bitcoin blockchain free of charge and provide their lover with proof that your message is spread to more than 10,000 Bitcoin nodes around the world, possibly making it the most permanent declaration of love ever, and ready to be discovered one day by a digital archaeologist.  

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