This ServiceNow leader is working to improve employee productivity and happiness using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

ServiceNow’s Manjeet Singh is working to develop and apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models that can improve your employee’s productivity and happiness in a very short time. Manjeet Singh has the important role of sr. product leader of intelligence applications at ServiceNow’s office in Santa Clara, CA. His work on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models helps identify bottleneck in processes, reduce productivity wastes and provide short and instant learning learning recommendation to your employees.

“The old methods of training and coaching (like appraisal periods) are not effective in today’s fast changing technological environment. AI powered continuous feedback loop based method will empower employee to get instant coaching as soon as it is needed and will save lots of time for managers to stay focus on other important tasks and become a better leader” he said in an interview. “Artificial Intelligence is not a rocket science, you have identify a big enough problem or use case that can be solved using historical data analysis and intelligent recommendations. This solution will improve the employee satisfaction and retention rate which is a big problem for all companies today” he said.

Manjeet has been with ServiceNow for about 3 years and leading enterprise product line with a billion+ dollar run rate. In his current role, he is leading data science team to drive Insights in enterprise Apps through Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (NLP, Chat Bots, Benchmarks and Continuous Improvement and Coaching). Manjeet is a continuous innovator, and in his past experience at Hewlett Packard and early stage Startups, he has taken many cloud, data & machine learning based products and solutions from ideation to a successful launch to both enterprise and consumer markets.

Manjeet began his pursuit in technology at a young age, showing an early interest in fixing things and writing code for computer games. He did his undergrad degree in computer engineering from India and MBA from Leavy School of business in Santa Clara, CA. Over the years, Manjeet has filed multiple patents in the area of analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. As part of his new innovations framework, he has helped solved many big issues in enterprise service management space including IT Service Management, Customer Service Management and Security Management.

“I strongly believe in the power of building a platform and then building an ecosystem and community around it. I think all the future workers, the new millennial that are going to join the workforce will have to learn to work with Artificial Intelligence and robots. We should not see these things as threat to our job but rather learn them quickly and use it to our benefits. We will be living in an always on world,” he mentioned during a panel discussion. Manjeet loves to talk about technologies and has participated in many conferences and panel discussion on AI/ML/Blockchain technologies.

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