This New and Innovative House and Surface Washing Method is Making Waves in Texas

Houses and apartments gain in value and retain their allure for years if power cleaned regularly. However, the usual washing methods could actually be doing damage to the exteriors with their ‘power blast’ techniques. A new and gentler method has now been developed by Chris Chappell of Superior Power Washing.

While in Texas, do not miss the work truck of Superior Power Washing, which announces a ‘new and exciting‘ house wash method that is safe for all houses. The pressure washing business has served the Corpus Christi locality for all its house and office cleaning requirements, including concrete driveways, sidewalks, buildings, houses and even fleets of trucks. Yet this business is set apart from the rest by the new and advanced methods of cleaning developed  by owner Chris Chappell.

This new washing method stays away from use of pressure blasting techniques that are known to damage surfaces. Instead, it uses a gentler technique to remove mold, mildew, algae and dirt without injuring the surface in any way. On top of this, the method uses a chemist developed detergent specially formulated for stucco, vinyl, wood and many other property surfaces to clean without damage.

“Over the past couple of decades, I have developed this soft and gentle washing method with a specially developed detergent which helps bring back the beauty and value to the property without any damage,” says Chris.

One of the main considerations with house washing  stucco, vinyl and wood products is pressure. Damage commonly comes as a result from someone holding the tip of the power washer too close to the house and blowing holes in the siding or stripping the paint off the wood. Or, they use low grade cleaners not meant for those surfaces and the only way they can get the walls clean is to hold the tip too close and again, damage is the inevitable result.  Sometimes they experiment on your property by mixing chemicals which is dangerous to them and your property.

Regular washing of properties is the most popular way to keep them looking beautiful, retaining value and increasing curb appeal. Both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from gentle washing if it is done the right way.

“We’ve had a lot of compliments on the house and some people have asked if we got it repainted! Thanks again and we look forward to using your cleaning services in the future,” said a recent user of the new and improved method of washing surfaces developed by Superior Power Washing.

“You can have the full exterior of your home or office cleaned by a professional power wash contractor with the experience to do the job right, and who can also save you money by restoring the beauty and value of your property,” says Chris.

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