This is Airwheel M3 wireless remote control electric motorcycle

Airwheel team think the skateboard should be more than simply a sports trend, and they want to redefine it as a means of transportation, and make it faster and easier. This was the original intention behind the creation of Airwheel M3. Airwheel M3 is a kind of electric skateboard, which was pushed out successfully in its second new product announcement conference in 2015.

Airwheel M3 came under the spotlight soon by means of its dashing design and nostalgic favour. During the initial design stage, Airwheel team want to make the skateboard as easier to learn, and as fast as possible. So Airwheel team has added a remote control, and a motor drive to M3. In Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard, it is easy to feel the nostalgic favour. Airwheel aims to endow the electric scooter M3 with an air of past. The traditional skateboard is familiar to us in our childhood. Therefore, at the mere sight of Airwheel M3, it takes us back to our childhood.

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In spite of that, it is far from saying that Airwheel intends to let the traditional skateboard make a comeback. Airwheel introduced new technology and design to M3 self balance scooter, equipping it with a potent battery, which offers an effortless ride to the owner. Throughout the production process, Airwheel team are always keeping in mind how we can make the M3 skateboard more energy efficient as well as how to get more ranges and battery.

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The most important part of the skateboard is the board itself. However, many people have different ideas about how long or how wide the skateboards should be or what the experience should be. And one of its partners gave the idea of using a classic skateboard design, which Airwheel team decided to go with to appeal to the widest audience possible. That is the born of Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard’s board.

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Most of skateboard players are bouncy and energetic who tend to chase after something novel and intriguing. This kind of M3 wireless remote control skateboard literally meets their demand. Airwheel provides many stylish and colourful stickers for them. They could change the stickers on the M3 at will. This is Airwheel M3 maple electric skateboard.

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