This $0.06 USD Cryptocurrency will be worth $10 by 2019

UTEMIS will help transform Latin America businesses through decentralized B2B e-commerce that uses the Blockchain

Andorra –
Doing business in Latin America can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. What if there is a way to make all of that disappear so that business owners can enjoy a fair deal in an unfair economy. UTEMIS LLC., is proud to announce their cryptocurrency, UTEMIS, the only decentralized B2B e-commerce that uses the Blockchain to transform the Latin American continent into one market. The UTEMIS coin is called the coin of fairness and justice and will help sanitize the business environment in Latin America, making it more conducive for everyone. With UTEMIS, all Latin America businesses will have the same opportunity, and there is no more paying high fees for fund transfers. Pre-ICO starts February 15, 28 at 18:00PM CET.

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“I grew up in a place where the central government is very active at taking away all the opportunities for young people, of course, they hide that from the world. So I became an expert in a technique called Disruptive Innovation that offers a way to put large companies in trouble, and then I employ my students in new companies to give them the opportunity of their lives and make quite a bit of money along the way. UTEMIS is one of such ventures, but there are others,” said Dr. Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere, CEO of UTEMIS LLC.

UTEMIS coin and token is a way for business owners in the Latin America region to exchange trust. According to the CEOs interview on TechBullion, once launched, the idea will transform the entire business environment and landscape. Businesses will have equal opportunity to compete while the decentralized reputation system will automatically compute the user’s behavior. Another empowerment factor of the system is escrow, designed to help protect the buyer so users can get 100% of their money back in case something happens during the transaction. UTEMIS business pays instantly and accelerates business transactions, without having to pay a huge sum of money as bank exchange fees.

UTEMIS is run by a team of elite experts who are passionate about liberating the business environment in Latin America. This region has been noted as one of the fastest growing regions in the world, in terms of economy. Now that there is a technology like blockchain, there is no excuse not to achieve greatness. UTEMIS wants to help millions of Latin America businesses and people live a happier and more meaningful life. The UTEMIS coin is projected to worth 10 USD by 2019.


UTEMIS LLC is a company committed to liberating the people of Latin America, through the use of modern technology. The company has a team of experts with many years of experience in the banking industry, ready to make a statement in history.

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