“Thirty Second Avenue … North”, A Book for Believers By Alfred Jendrasik, Is Out Now On Amazon

Through all the hardship, it’s those who believe that they actually lead a happy and fulfilled life. 

A particular book creates all the buzz and makes people dream, assess, and reflect on their definition of a life lived well.

Alfred Jendrasik’s Thirty Second Avenue … North is a story about Immanuel, a man who has chosen to abandon the confines of people’s opinions and perspectives to lead a life by the ocean. His parents dubbed him a “dreamer” for this decision, and, essentially, those who dared to dream also believed. They believe in their mission as their calling given by God. Immanuel has found his.

It is a memoir about a man’s spiritual journey where he meets a cast of compelling characters that mold his life and send him on a self-reflection quest.

The book particularly resonates with Christians for its close connections to the Bible and how Immanuel navigates through his life meeting believers like himself. However, this book is for anyone open-minded to seeking the truth.

Through each turn of the page, it’s as if the reader is walking along Immanuel on his quest as he unravels the answers to life. The readers take away enlightening messages and morals that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

That being said, being a believer comes with its obstacles. Immanuel is on a voyage through rough waters, facing turbulences laced with drama and sadness, which will be a true test of his faith. 

Thirty Second Avenue … North is a memoir that transcends people’s understanding of life as we know it. 

The only question is, are readers ready to believe him?

Thirty Second Avenue … North, now available on Amazon. 


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