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Handmade Loofah soap bars an intriguing way to bring in new customers to one’s store. By decorating them at one’s storefront, they put in place a great eye catcher that can bring in customers and start conversations with ease.

However, finding reliable providers of such soap bars can be difficult, especially when one is ordering them online. Chances are the product will be very different to what someone saw on the internet, and when they finally receive it after days of waiting, they are left disappointed.

Luckily, there’s Loofah soap manufacturer who has managed to amend all these issues and provides a reliable and renowned service. This is The Soap Guy provides a number of different Loofah soap bars, in bright and colorful colors. Their prices vary based on the package that one is purchasing but the standard ones offered on their website seem to be:

  • 12 Assorted Bars for $36 ($3 per bar)
  • 72 Assorted Bars for $133.2 ($1.85 per bar)
  • 200 Assorted Bars for $320 ($1.60 per bar)

Compared to some other providers, many customers have stated that these prices are definitely much cheaper and affordable. also provides a number of different fall-themed Loofahs that give off unique fragrances. The ones available on their website include candy cane, apple spice and pumpkin spice and some others too. These come in packages of 12 or 72 bars.

The website provides a number of other products, and it is definitely worth checking out. The quality of their goods is quite renowned and thought to be one of the very best. Their goat milk, body butter, soap bars and other products are quite well-known.

About The Soap Guy is an online website that deals in a number of different products such as Loofah soap bars, different scented Loofahs, goat milk, body butter and much more. By using their services, one guarantees that they receive high quality and an affordable low price. They offer shipping as well, and it is usually kept at a very economical rate. Shipping is even made free for all orders above $80.

That said, they definitely take extra steps in ensuring that their customers are given nothing but the absolute best, and this is something that many customers will come to respect and admire. Usually, many online stores try to scam their customers with faulty images or alluring descriptions, but is dedicated to honest business.

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