These Anti-Mosquito Nano bands keep the mosquitoes away for up to 20 days, without the use of any harmful chemicals

Although there are a number of mosquito repellant bands available in the market, most of them either don’t work or use chemicals like DEET or Citronella to repel mosquitoes. These chemicals are often harmful to the skin and do not work in case there are too many mosquitoes. This is why the Anti-Mosquito Nano Bands are created that use the parented Nanotechnology to fight off mosquitoes for at least 20 days. These bands are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and aim to raise an amount of $1135 through their crowdfunding campaign.

Nano bands are free from any toxic chemicals and do not harm the skin. It offers maximum protection against mosquitoes using the parented IR3535 formula that is 100% safe and prevents the users from itchy bites and the diseases caused by mosquitoes. At present, the product is ready to be packed and shipped in March 2019 so the users can go ahead and order the product via Kickstarter. Every box of Nano bands comes with 2 treated silicone black and green bands.

The Nano bands can be worn easily and best suited for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking or camping in the woods. It can also be used at home and the subtle design makes it suitable to be worn in office as well. The band is safe for adults and kids as young as 2 years old. It comes in two sizes Adult (20cm) & Youth (18cm).

The backers can choose from various rewards on the Kickstarter campaign page:

  • Pledge €7 or more: Get a box of 2 Anti-Mosquito Nano bands (RRP: €12.99)
  • Pledge €13 or more: Get 4 x Anti Mosquito Nano Bands (RRP: €25.98)
  • Pledge €32 or more: Get 10 x Anti Mosquito Nano Bands (RRP: €64.95)

More information about the Anti-Mosquito Nano bands can be found at their official Kickstarter campaign page.

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