These 2 compact dry battery powered flashlights can meet people’s requirements

If people are looking for some cheap products for promotion, these 2 compact dry battery powered flashlights can meet their requirements. Below are their detailed information.

The first LED flashlight uses 5 watt LED, the highest brightness is 500 lumens. This flashlight has 3 lighting modes: high- low- flash- off. It can illuminate up to 120 meters distance objects. Powered by 3xAAA (excl.) batteries, this flashlight can continuously run 2.5 hours at high mode and run longer at low mode before people change new batteries.

What’s more, this flashlight has beam focus adjustable function. People can pull the head to adjust the light beam. The design of this flashlight is compact and the price is competitive. The IPX4 water resistant can prevent water into the interior of this flashlight.

The second one is a power rubber flashlight. It has 110 lumens brightness with 3W LED. This rubber flashlight adapts 2*AA (excl.) batteries as its power source. Before batteries are out of power, they can use it about 3 hours. The beam distance of this flashlight is 50 meters. It has very simple working mode: on and off. Press button to control on and off. This flashlight is well combination of rubber and plastic. A hand lanyard is included. People can hang this flashlight on their bag or some places for easy carry. People can also hang it for illumination with both hands free.

The strong and robust design ensures this flashlight can pass the test of 1 meter impact resistant. What’s more, it also has IPX4 water resistant rating. There is no any problem to use it in the rainy or snowy days.

If people are interested in these 2 flashlights, please feel free to consult us. We promise to reply their email within 24 hours. Next week, we will recommend them other popular products.

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