There Are Several Important Parameters One Must Learn To Look For Before Buying A Bluetooth Headset

Listen to music, watch TV, play games, exercise, eat, sleep…

To say that modern people can not do without the mobile phone, is the headset.

Among earphones, Bluetooth earphones quickly become fashionable and portable among young people.

A, purchase notes:

1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth chip is an important index to evaluate a wireless earphone.

The experience is also compromised if the Bluetooth connection is unstable and the sound is spotty.

At present, bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0 versions are widely used in the market. Compared with the former, the latter has two times higher transmission efficiency, four times higher transmission distance, faster transmission speed, lower power consumption and better anti-interference performance.

There are also a few more advanced bluetooth 5.1 and 5.2 models that offer better positioning accuracy and detail, but are also more expensive.

It is important to note that bluetooth 5.2 headsets are also backward compatible with 5.0 and 4.2, but the benefits of bluetooth headsets can only be maximized if the phone supports Bluetooth 5.2 at the maximum.

Of course, most mobile phones now support Bluetooth 5.2, you can also go to the Internet to check their own mobile phone support bluetooth version.

2. Sound quality of headphones

The main factors that affect the sound quality of Bluetooth headset are audio source quality, Bluetooth transmission loss and sound unit.

The audio source quality za also does not have what to say, bluetooth transmission loss is mainly related to the above Bluetooth version and encoding mode, want to have better audio quality, choose the best chip is.

As for the sound unit, the larger the size of the headset, the better the sound quality and the stronger the ability to restore the real sound. In addition, the manufacturer’s tuning of the sound unit also has a certain influence on the sound quality of the headset.

3. Noise reduction type

Many Bluetooth headsets boast noise reduction, but it is important to note that noise reduction can be divided into active and passive noise reduction.

Passive noise reduction, also known as physical noise reduction, reduces the intensity of noise entering the ear by using sound-absorbing or soundproof materials. Colloquial speaking, it is to isolate part of the external sound by directly blocking the ear with silica gel earplugs.

ANC active noise reduction technology and ENC environmental noise reduction technology are widely used at present.

ANC active noise reduction is to collect environmental noise and generate signal that is opposite to the noise and play back with headphones and other devices to counteract the noise. This is an advanced function that can make people have an immersive auditory experience and is also a big selling point of most high-end Bluetooth headsets.

ENC ambient noise reduction, also known as call noise reduction, can effectively suppress 90% of the reverse ambient noise. Through the dual microphone array, the precise calculation of the speaking position of the caller can remove the interference noise in the environment, making the call sound clearer.

High quality active noise cancelling earphones generally adopt the dual noise cancelling design combined with both.

4. IP index level

Bluetooth earphones are more or less waterproof. Generally, level 4 can prevent the impact of sweating on earphones. For people who exercise regularly, it is recommended to buy level 5 or above.

5. Other parameters

In addition to the above parameters, in the process of buying headphones, there are also some factors that affect the user experience, such as appearance, wearing comfort, battery life, voice assistant, etc., the importance of which varies from person to person, so I will not explain it here.

Two, wear notes:

The reason many people are uncomfortable with Bluetooth headsets is probably not because of the headphones themselves, but because they are not being used correctly.

1. If it is an in-ear headset, you must choose the most suitable ear cap for yourself, which is very important, not only affects the comfort of wearing, but also has a certain impact on the noise reduction effect. Now many businesses will randomly give different types of ear cap.

2. Follow the rule of 60/60, the volume of earphones should not exceed 60%, after using earphones for 60 minutes, take a rest for a few minutes, it is best not to sleep with earphones on.

3. In noisy environment, it is recommended to use headphones with active noise reduction function.

4. Clean earphones and earcaps regularly to prevent bacterial growth.

Iii. Purchase Suggestions:

Buy bluetooth headsets, the ones that suit you are the best.

In recent years, led by FITHEM, Bluetooth headsets in China have developed quite mature, with more and more personalized choices. In the first half of this year, kS-K9, an all-in-one music earphone, was launched, breaking the ceiling of 100-yuan noise-reducing Bluetooth earphone again.

Ks-k9 as a noise-cancelling earphone, only about a hundred yuan price, but set the ANC active noise cancelling, AI call noise cancelling, Bluetooth 5.2 chip, 24 hours long battery life, IPX5 waterproof, environmental sound mode and a series of core performance, suitable for budget limited and want to experience an active noise cancelling earphone young people.

This is the most amazing Bluetooth headset I have experienced this year. I recommend it to you here. If you are interested, you can go to the official channel to search FITHEM KS-K9 to buy it.

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