Therapists See Benefits of Virtual Sessions Past Covid Restrictions

Covid-19 has changed the structure of how people work, do business, go to school, and just in general, live their everyday lives. For those that were used to going to behavioural therapy sessions or speech therapy, the beginning of the pandemic was difficult. However, therapists across the globe quickly learned to adapt, and treatment moved to the virtual space. The pandemic may have been the push needed to encourage more options for telehealth visits as a long-term practice in the therapy sector.

“Technology has evolved, and it’s now possible to provide therapy safely and securely without patients having to leave their homes. Therapists can still meet with their patients and see the improvements they’ve made. It may never completely replace in-person therapy. However, it seems likely that a type of hybrid system will emerge, mixing virtual and in-person once the pandemic is actually under control. It’s just easier for some patients to communicate this way.” Said a spokesperson for the clinic.

Everyone is trying to do their best to prevent the Delta variant but going without therapy isn’t an option for some clients. For example, applied behavioural analysis depends on repetitive sessions. This type of therapy aims to improve communication and focus while altering inappropriate behaviours in those on the autism spectrum. For some neurodivergent patients, virtual treatment has been as good or better than in person. The therapists get a chance to see how the patient interacts in their environment, and that can be revealing.

Group therapy can be critical for some patients, they learn from one another, and it’s a safe place for them to express their concerns; they also have a chance to put to use the skills they have acquired in their individual therapy sessions.  In this case, conducting virtual sessions means that the therapist can focus on the issues patients need help with instead of worrying about how many people are in the room or how far apart they are.” the spokesperson added.

As time goes on, online therapy of all sorts will likely become standard practice. Medical technology developers are moving quickly to continue improving the security for these types of calls in particular. It may make it so that more people can access therapy in the long run.

Therapists also have noted that there is a level of connection that comes with virtual visits. People feel more connected by sharing their personal space.

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Therapy spot is a Toronto-based therapy clinic that provides options for adults and children. Their team is comprised of highly educated and trained individuals specializing in things like behavioural therapy, speech therapy, and even education options for those on the autism spectrum. In addition, they offer telehealth options for treatment, including virtual video visits as well as telephone visits. 

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