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Marc & Terry (Start Something Together) today announced, the world’s first search engine for online groups & communities. is a handmade database of online groups and communities worth joining and offers a new way for users to find the most valuable & highest quality online groups and communities as fast as humanly possible. The search engine makes it possible to find groups and communities with engagement, value, help and useful content in no time.

“We believe communities and groups are more important than ever and we want to make sure users will find like-minded people as fast as possible without wasting time to join groups and communities just to find out there is no engagement or value inside the group. GroupGrower just lists valuable and high-quality communities worth joining and solves this problem for users,” says Marc, Founder at

“Engage, learn, communicate, create & produce something cool with like-minded people while #StayAtHome. makes it easy for you to find those people.”

Features and benefits of

• Easy to find high quality and valuable online groups & communities worth joining

• Preview of content available to make sure you know what you´ll get inside the group/community

• Engage, learn, communicate, create & produce something cool with like-minded people especially during the actual #StayAtHome situation.

Group Grower will be available starting the 11th of April, free to use. For more information, visit


We believe online communities and groups are having more value than ever and people should have easy access to them which means finding valuable and useful groups with engagement from like-minded people should not cost a lot of time and should not be a problem. That’s exactly why exists. is the easiest way ever developed to find groups and communities worth joining based on content and engagement.

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