The world of Greyhounds: A strange and unusual-looking dog

Greyhounds are an ancient race of dogs that have been around since the time of Egyptian Pharaohs thousands of years ago. These animals’ purpose was to track, pursue, catch, and dispatch wildlife in the desert terrain. According to word origins and roots, the name greyhound derives from ‘grei,’ which means ‘wolf,’ and ‘hundr,’ which means ‘hunter.’ Whatever the root of the term, the greyhound continues to be the same noble dog portrayed throughout history in art and literature. This breed has been synonymous with royalty for a long time.

There are two types of greyhounds; The American Kennel Club (AKC) and The National Greyhound Association (NGA). The difference between the two is that AKCs are taller and narrower as compared to the NGAs. Also, the AKC’s have longer necks as well as legs.

Greyhounds are listed as one of the top ten gentle breeds of any dog. They’re not temperamental and are mostly quiet, making the perfect friend for both adults and kids. The mild and even-temperament of the greyhound make this breed a favorite household pet for your family. This particular animal is ideal because of its adaptability to most home environments.

The clear difference between a greyhound and a dog is that the former has more red blood cells and low platelets compared to dogs. Over the years, there has been a surge in Greyhound adoptions. A lot of people sight of different reasons for adopting greyhounds.

The reason why there are plenty of greyhounds available to adopt is that when they become old and inferior to race, they’re left out at the shelters or pretty much abandoned.

The abandonment and old age leads to most of them living the rest of their lives in loneliness and solitude after spending their prime years entertaining crowds. For this very reason, most people have taken notice and spread the word making adopting greyhounds a growing trend.

Adopting a greyhound comes with some fun too, not only are they so compliant, but also there is reunion picnics. Various greyhound adoption groups have fun events where their owner meets to share experiences, and their pets can make new friends.

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