The Wild Adventure Girls Creates Awareness About Endangered Sea Turtles in New Video

Funny Kids Show and Makers of Family Fun Videos, The Wild Adventure Girls, Collaborates With The Sea Turtle Conservancy, To Release New Video Educating The Public About The Endangered Sea Turtles

The Wild Adventure Girls, known for their hit YouTube channel, are seen nationwide in over 80 percent of schools and have a heavy media presence due to their partnership with Epic and batteryPOP. The Wild Adventure girls take every opportunity to use these platforms to not only entertain, but to educate in a fun way that will inspire other kids around the world. This platform affords them the opportunity to collaborate with major organizations worldwide. For their latest collaboration, The Wild Adventure Girls have partnered with The Sea Turtle Conservancy for their most recent episode “Sea Turtle Adventure!”

Using their trademark humor, combined with their intrinsic love of animals, this episode highlights the beauty of Sea Turtles with a strong message about their endangerment. Many children, and adults, are unaware that Sea Turtles are heavily endangered due in large part to plastic waste that end up in our oceans. These creatures are on the brink of extinction and The Wild Adventure Girls know that getting that message out directly to the youth is key to their survival.

“Sea Turtles are amazing creatures, and sadly, they are also under immense threat. We want to help spread the word and inspire others to help Sea Turtles in any way that they can. If they survived the dinosaurs, there is no reason why they should be endangered now. We know it’s time to step up and help!” – The Wild Adventure Girls

Collaborating with Sea Turtle Conservancy armed The Wild Adventure Girls with the facts they needed to create a fun and impactful episode that can make a real difference for protecting sea turtles. Children are given concrete steps they can take to minimize plastic waste, so they don’t end up in our oceans. To watch this important episode, The Wild Adventure Girls can be found on their kid-friendly YouTube Channel.

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