“The Voice of Crypto” FullyVoxxed Continues to Push Boundaries in the Blockchain Space

Fast Expanding voice host and maverick entrepreneur, FullyVoxxed, sets his sight on changing the narrative of the crypto space with a unique approach

Jonathan DeLucia, popularly known as FullyVoxxed, has continued in his pursuit of bringing the goodness of crypto to as many people as possible across the globe. In a related development, the maverick entrepreneur described as “The Voice of Crypto” solely responsible for Changing the narrative of the crypto space with a distinct style has graced several major crypto-related events. FullyVoxxed was cordially invited as a guest speaker to share his vast intellectuals and expertise at Multiple Crypto Conferences in locations, including D-Central Miami and D-Central Austin.

The world of cryptocurrency has evolved tremendously in a relatively short while, thanks to the emergence of increasing use cases and crypto-based solutions for individuals and businesses. Despite the increasing popularity of crypto and its inherent solutions, more needs to be done in bringing people into the space, which is where FullyVoxxed is looking to make a difference.

In addition to his crypto expertise, Jonathan DeLucia also specializes in voice impressions and acting and he has continued to make the rounds both online and offline. On the successful completion of his Military Police Program, where he served as a Staff Sergent in the US army for 6 years and 20 weeks, Jonathan delved into the crypto world and became the CEO of  memenft.com/, the world’s most accessible NFT platform for creators, HODLers, and normies alike. The platform has become popular due to its versatility, accommodating everything from JPEGs to music, and of course, all-things-meme, with its fanbase increasing by the day.

Jonathan’s outgoing personality, voice, and speaking talents have won the hearts of many crypto lovers and organizers. As a result of FullyVoxxed’s outstanding peaking prowess and performance, he has been awarded opportunities to grow in the industry, speaking at major conferences such as the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

FullyVoxxed has been described as the epitome of excellence when it comes to educating beginners and professionals alike on the Twitter space. He is also a talented businessman, voice impressionist, voice actor, and public speaker who keeps setting the pace for entrepreneurs like him to get to an elevated level. Social media and the internet have, in no doubt, contributed to the growth of Jonathan in the blockchain industry, in terms of – but not limited – content distribution and building his fanbase. He currently has a Twitter family of 13.6k followers going on strong.

For further information about FullyVoxxed and his works, visit Twitter.

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