The Village Toy Share provides sustainable solutions for older toys

The Village Toy Share has created an innovative solution with the goal of reversing rapidly growing toy waste in the USA. It allows users to share and donate their older toys through a user-friendly platform. Members share a common vision: Children in all circumstances can enjoy their favorite creative and educational toy brands, revitalizing their interest and imagination, while reducing toy waste.

The US alone accounts for 40% of global toy waste. An average American family spends $400 on toys for their kids, which is commonly enjoyed for just a short period of time, stored away, and eventually discarded. The Village Toy Share offers sustainable and cost saving options to manage this toy cycle. Options include trading, borrowing, lending out, and donating toys.

Users can trade and share toys within The Village Toy Share community or choose among “Play Box’s” to borrow. “Play Box’s” are fun themed boxes of toys created by members with their spare/older toys, which are made available to The Village Toy Share community. Members are encouraged to ship with unused boxes from previously received packages, giving a secondary use to corrugated boxes. The Village Toy Share has also integrated instant shipping labels, printable from any standard printer.

While there are a number of great donation based charities devoted to helping the less fortunate, in an increasingly digital age, most service centers still require physical drop-offs. These centers are not always easily accessible, especially with modern day’s always busy lifestyle. The Village Toy Share has chosen the path of convenient donation pickups.

The concept of trading toys originated from the common thought that children don’t necessarily dislike toys that they once loved, they simply lose interest over time. Toys are exchanged for 30 day periods, and children not only get to enjoy something new, but also enjoy getting reacquainted with old favorites having not seen them in a few weeks. The choice to lend out unused toys helps reduce clutter in homes, while simply borrowing (Play Box) a box of toys acts as a convenient temporary option for various situations, including visiting grand-children or even foster families.

The Village Toy is providing eco-friendly, socially conscious and cost-saving solutions for older toys, latching on to the idea that trading and donating gives new life to toys which would otherwise contribute to the estimated 13 million toys dumped in landfills each year.

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