“The Videowala” takes photography to unprecedented heights with rooftop shots

Talented photographer, The Videowala, brings a whole new perspective into the art of photography with picture taking from unimaginable angles

Vikram Singh, popularly known as “The Videowala” is a fast-rising photographer that has seemingly taken the game to a whole new level. The Videowala is known for his “out of this world” shots that are taken from amazing angles. The talented photographer is particularly famous for his plethora of aerial shots, capturing memorable events such as weddings from unbelievable heights.

Photography has been described as an art that is used to express different perceptions of life. Photos are often used to help people capture beautiful memories such as travel adventures, the first few steps taken by a toddler, and weddings. Over the years, different creative minds and other stakeholders in the industry have emerged to provide clients with the best possible experience. One individual that has taken the photography industry by storm is The Videowala. His fast dominance in the industry can be largely attributed to the creativity and ingenuity of his works.

The Videowala is known for taking shots from the rooftops of skyscrapers, a feature that has become signature over the years, introducing new angles into travel, landscape, and marriage photographs. His unique style has helped him to grow his popularity not only in India but across the globe, as he continues to create moments with every shot he takes.

In addition to taking mind-blowing photos, The Videowala has also demonstrated his expertise in making great videos, shooting from different locations including drones and yachts and everywhere he can put his equipment. Over the years, he has done over 250 pre-wedding projects, staying true to his famous statement – “We don’t click pictures. We create moments.” He has also done a number of music videos for popular acts in India and other parts of the world.

Raised in Delhi, The Videowala currently lives in Chandigarh, where he also has his office. He also wishes to travel to as many countries as possible, globetrotting and exploring the different parts of the world.

The Videowala has a strong presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he showcases his works to the over 90,000 fans following him.

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