The Verus Coin Foundation announces immediate availability of the beta version of Verus Mobile for both Android and iOS, a new open source multi-coin mobile wallet with VerusPay support.

In addition to Verus Coin ($VRSC), this first version of Verus Mobile initially supports Bitcoin ($BTC), Zcash ($ZEC), Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), Komodo ($KMD), $DASH, $DOGE, $LTC, and others. Verus Coin will also run a weekly Twitter poll to find out which additional coins to add.

Unlike many of the wallets available today, Verus Mobile is fully open source and written in React Native for the best mobile experience. In keeping with the Verus Vision, it will be extended to support public blockchains as a service (PBaaS) and applications built using that capability, when it becomes available on the Verus network, expected in the second quarter of 2019.

With real-time prices automatically displayed for your holdings, Verus Mobile provides an up-to-date portfolio feature, displaying the value of all supported cryptocurrency holdings. Verus Mobile also includes QR scanning for addresses as well as VerusPay multi-coin invoices, which can be used with the VerusPay open source Web Payment Gateway, enabling QR invoices to include additional information, such as specific payment coin, amount, and even invoice IDs.

Those who join The Verus Coin Foundation’s early test program will be able to receive regular updates, including test versions for the upcoming Verus public blockchains as a service (PBaaS) system, and applications that use Verus PBaaS to offer other services, such as blockchain based polls, voting, and identity, all applications that are part of the Verus Vision in its vision paper:


The current version is in beta test, and for iOS, must be downloaded and installed from its test flight link available here:

The android version can be downloaded and installed from the VerusCoin github, here:


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