The Undisputed Founding Father of Paid Anthology Concept Has Created Another Bestselling Book

Now Available on Amazon, The New Book by Bestselling Author Steven E. Schmitt is The Ultimate Wake Up Call For Everyone

January 12, 2018 – Steven E. Schmitt is the undisputed founding father of paid anthology concept and he has written another bestselling masterpiece titled ‘Wake Up!: Breaking Out of the Matrix’. The new bestselling book is now available in stock on Amazon and it is getting a phenomenal response from readers worldwide. Moreover, Steven E. Schmitt is a bestselling author and he is also the founder of inspiring Wake Up Series.

“Even at a young age, I knew something was not right. My friends, my school, which felt like a prison. I just did not belong to the system, but I was forced to be in it,” said Steven E. Schmitt, while talking about his latest bestseller book. “Being an adult was even harder, 95% of famous Actors, Entrepreneurs, famous authors or speakers that I got to know, there was something not authentic about most of them,” he added. According to the author, he now clearly understands that all these people are in the Matrix and they are systematically plugged in it.

People can have fancy cars, big houses and education or anything material, but having all these luxuries does not mean that they are free. According to Steven, people belong to the system and the system keeps them trapped. Moreover, he believes that people are only what is being coded and programmed into their minds to keep them under the fear of this system. However, this book is his effort to liberate all such people from the complex Matrix that is controlling them.

According to the experts and many testimonials from the readers, this book is the ultimate wakeup call by Steven in order to harness the true inner peace and satisfaction in life. Steven is simply trying to free the minds of these people, but he says that he can only show them the door. It is up to the people to walk through it and change their lives completely.

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