The Ultimate Shower is Now Available on Amazon

Take a Shower Like President Lyndon B. Johnson & Make Showers Pleasurable Again

June 27, 2017 – Pacific Rain Fixed Shower Head & Filter has been released and it is now available in stock on Amazon with worldwide shipping. These are revolutionary shower heads made of rust proof stainless steel for the ultimate showering experience. Moreover, the rainfall shower head is also equipped with 61 high pressure silicone nozzles as well as a swivel ball to make showering great again. According to the reviews, this rainfall shower head gives the ultimate showering experience and the pressure jetting out from these nozzles is a showering equivalent of a massage.

“We are offering these showers with wall or ceiling mount features and they are compact, sleek and easy to install.” Says the Amazon product description of Pacific Rain Showers. “Besides the installation, maintenance is also very easy and the pressure is like no other shower.” It added. The late President LBJ used to hate low pressure water dripping from the shower and just like the great leader, now everyone else has a chance to get a high pressure shower installed in their bathrooms. Commercial and residential users from all around the world are placing orders.

“I now cherish spa like showers in the comfort of my bathroom with this 6 inch shower head.” Said Linda D from Cleveland, Ohio in her review. “Thanks to its adjustable swivel ball, this rainfall shower head is the best thing I have ever installed in my new home.” She added. These shower heads have received phenomenal response from the users worldwide who have shared their experiences in their reviews as well as testimonials.

Made from high quality stainless steel and silicone nozzles, these rain shower heads do not get clogged or rusted like most showers do. Therefore, less cleaning means more fun and the installation is also hassle free and can be completed within seconds without any need for tools or drilling. Moreover, more jets mean more power and this means that these showers offer the pleasure of a rejuvenating shower massage after a long day at work because 61 high pressure silicone nozzles give a user more coverage over a 6 inch 01diameter.

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