The Ultimate Breakthrough In The American Real Estate Market Has Arrived

Followed By Its Success Among The Brokers, The Revolutionary Real Estate Platform Is Now Available For The Homeowners

July 21, 2017 – has emerged as the revolutionary breakthrough in the real estate marketing over the years with its endless benefits for the homeowners across America. It has been an exclusive online tool for real estate brokers and now, homeowners can also take advantage of the limitless benefits it offers, especially compared to listing their properties with a real estate broker.

The model is based on new and technologically sophisticated tools that are aimed at replacing the traditional models of selling properties that are becoming obsolete with time. The company instantly buys all kinds of properties, giving the sellers complete peace of mind while helping them save thousands of dollars that they previously used to pay as a commission to the middle men or a broker.

“With the advent of the internet and technology, traditional models of listing properties have become outdated and this platform is a new and updated way by which, homeowners can save thousands of dollars.” said the spokesperson of the website while talking about this platform. “In the past, brokers would take a listing from their clients and advertise their home and the homeowners were left with little to no options of agreeing to pay commissions sometimes as high as 6%.” he added.

According to the spokesperson of the website, the company buys all types of houses. This includes foreclosures, short sales, divorce sales, estate sales, wrecks, fires and floods. Moreover, even if there is no equity, the house financially is upside down or under water the company buys those type of homes as well.  In addition, this solution will help sellers avoid having to have contracts fall through because the buyer was not able to obtain a mortgage. The process of getting a mortgage can take up to six months while with the, this process has been eliminated as they buy their homes all cash with no mortgage contingency.

The website was originally created to give the real estate broker a tool to sell their clients homes while collecting their full commission. Therefore, brokers have loved utilizing this platform because of the sheer benefit of getting an immediate all cash offer without a mortgage contingency. The biggest advantage of this remarkable platform direct to sellers is that, commissions and savings from any deal will go directly into the pocket of the seller. This means that there will be no middle man or broker to take his cut out of any small or large deal while selling a property.

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