The typical Features of calcium zinc compound stabilizer

Calcium-zinc composite stabilizer is mainly used as a stabilizer when used in plastic products. It has good thermal stability, light stability, transparency and tinting power when used in food packaging, wire and cable materials, etc. performance.

Zhongke traceability reminder: Although the inorganic ingredients are relatively simple, because of the random combination of inorganic salt ingredients, a variety of tests and verifications are needed to determine the ingredients.

1 – Brief introduction of calcium zinc compound stabilizer

Calcium-zinc stabilizer is mainly synthesized through a special compound process, with calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricant, antioxidant, etc. as the main components, and the appearance is mainly white powder, flake and paste. Among them, there are more powders, but the thermal stability is not as good as lead salt. It has a certain degree of lubricity, poor transparency, and easy to bloom. In order to improve its stability and transparency, polyols and other antioxidants are usually added to improve performance. In PVC resin products, it has good processing properties, and its thermal stability is equivalent to lead salt stabilizers, which is a good non-toxic and stable Agent.

Metal oxide>16%

Heating loss<3%

2 – Features of calcium-zinc compound stabilizer

1. Long-term static and dynamic thermal stability;

2. It can reduce the extrusion torque, increase the melting speed and melt strength;

3. Excellent anti-oxidation, anti-aging and weather resistance;

4. Good electrical insulation, resistance to ozone, water and oil, etc.;

5. Good processing performance, not easy to precipitate and bloom;

6. It is not easy to absorb moisture, gives the product surface brightness, environmental protection and non-toxic;

7. Good compatibility and dispersion with PVC.

3 – Calcium-zinc composite stabilizer ingredient detection formula identification

The liquid calcium-zinc composite stabilizer has good stability and is an ideal choice for PVC non-toxic products. It has low dosage, versatility, good heat resistance, light taste, very practical, and it is also very safe and environmentally friendly, and does not contain toxic ingredients. High-quality products with no impurities and good transparency. Organotin stabilizers, pvc stabilizers, lead salt composite stabilizers, heat stabilizers and other samples want to learn about the traceability of Zhongke. Zhongke Traceability has complete and scientific separation and analysis technology, and has obtained the industry’s reputation with integrity, strength and service quality. Recognized.

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