The Top Toronto Basement Renovation Ideas Trending Right Now

For those who are looking to increase the value of their home, renovating the basement, especially if it’s unfinished, is a fantastic start. It’s one of the more affordable options when it comes to updating your home, and for many individuals, the basement is one of the places they spend the most time. However, if the correct approach isn’t followed, a basement renovation can turn into a nightmare situation. Basement Finishing Company, located in Toronto, ON, specializes in home renovations encompassing bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and overall full home renovations.

They compiled a list of the top 20 basement renovation ideas trending right now. Before a renovation takes place, it’s vital to decide what the end goal is. For some, a basement renovation is about creating a cozy, comfortable space they can enjoy spending time with their family in. For others, a basement renovation is about creating a fully functional area to rent out to a tenant.

The First Step to a Basement Renovation: Waterproof and Repair

Prior to renovating a basement, it’s crucial to ensure all of the basics are taken care of, including waterproofing, repairing, and overall, ensuring the safety and reliability of the basement and its foundation. Water in the basement can result in a range of problems, including but not limited to mold and mildew growth that deteriorates the building over time. A small crack in the foundation of a basement can result in water leaks, bugs, and other issues the average homeowner wants to avoid.

Basement Finishing Company is a team of contractors with the proper training, licensing, and certifications needed to review the basics prior to starting any sort of renovation in a basement. They offer the knowledge and convenient scheduling homeowners need to complete a full review of their basement with an optimal level of attention to detail prior to starting a basement makeover.

The Second Step to a Basement Renovation: Choose an Idea

Once homeowners are confident in the safety and reliability of their basement, it’s time to choose an idea and get to work. Basement Finishing Company listed many fantastic ideas on their list of the top 20 basement renovation ideas trending right now. For instance, they mentioned creating a gym in the basement – complete with proper ventilation, well-insulated walls, and the right equipment.

A bowling room also made the list as a great option for those looking to stay active while enjoying quality time with friends and family. For a bowling room, basements need clean, shiny floors with the proper equipment and/or alley installed to make the most of it. Although this option can take a bit longer than many standard basement renovation ideas, it’s certainly worth the wait.

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Basement Finishing Company, located in Toronto, ON, provides basement, bathroom, kitchen, and full house renovations for homeowners throughout Canada. They handle all aspects of the renovation – from scheduling to budgeting to design requirements and everything in between.

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