The Thrill of Bike Riding Does Depend Upon Bike Choice

The last thing any bike rider wants is too much bike or too little bike. Hardtail bikes are what was once considered “the” mountain bike for all occasions. Hardtails feature only front suspension and are rather ideal for those bike riders who are new to biking, as the bikes are relatively easy to control. They also are best for less rugged terrain and if only a casual rider, then the hardtail can be a perfect choice.

Rough terrains and uphill terrains can be very difficult to manoeuvre or speed up on without a full suspension bike which of course, offers suspension in the front and rear. The older styles of hardtail bikes were not equipped for rough terrain but this has changed over the years with more lightweight materials and better front suspension.

Being “unseated” on rough terrain by a hardtail used to be common but is less common now with the newer advancements made by RSD Bikes. The difficulty for bike riders is generally over what type of bike should be chosen.

RSD Bikes, of Ontario, unlike other bike companies, are dedicated bike riders and owners themselves. This led this family-owned business into the manufacturing of hardtails and then full suspension bikes. RSD Bikes has also progressed from a standardized heavy material frame to the more lightweight versions of both bike types now, leading to more flexibility and riding pleasure.

RSD Bikes knows that the rougher he terrain the “rougher the ride” Since many all-terrain competitions and bike rides do tend to take quite a bit of time, and speed is of the essence, it is very important to be comfortable in the bike seat. Nothing is worse than having a badly seating experience when concentrating on terrain.

The main problem for many bike riders of rough terrain now is the higher costs of full suspension bikes. Hardtails are now manufactured to higher more flexible ride standards by RSD Bikes and can give the same great adventurous downhill experience and uphill ease that full suspension bikes offer. Choices of types of bikes have also been increased in the hardtails offered by RSD Bikes.

With this in mind, RSD Bikes provides tons of information on the website as well as a chat line for immediate assistance. As bike lovers themselves, there is also a blog provided, with many elements of good bike choice and ride explained. Of course, there is a phone and email, and RSD Bikes enjoys sharing their bike enthusiasm with others at any time so all inquiries are welcome.

Pictures of the hardtails and full-suspension bikes show riders exactly what to expect with RSD Bikes of Ontario. Dozens of choices exist so all riders can be riding continually and comfortably!

About RSD Bikes

Based out of Toronto, ON, RSD Bikes is a family-owned business that was started in 2012 because of a passion for mountain bike riding. Hardtails and full suspension are available and the company stands behind its bikes and bike parts. A lifetime limited warranty exists and prices are displayed on the website.

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