The Tendency of Smart Home Lighting System

There are more and more smart home products, and smart lighting has naturally become an indispensable part of them, intelligent control of home lighting equipment through cell phones and other functions, such as light color adjustment, timing control, scene setting and so on to achieve safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency.

Automatic Control of Lighting

The most important feature of smart home lighting system is the scene control. In the same room can have multiple lighting circuits, for each circuit brightness adjustment to achieve a certain lighting atmosphere called scene; different scenes can be pre-set, and the fade in and out time when switching scenes to make soft changes in lighting; use various sensors and remote control to achieve automatic control of lighting.

Energy Saving

The brightness sensor is adopted to automatically adjust the light intensity to achieve energy-saving effect. The mobile sensor is adopted, and then the light gradually rises when people enter the sensor sensing area, and the light will also fade out when people leave the sensor area, it can make everlasting lamps in some corridors and hallways are controlled to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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Beautify the Environment

Indoor lighting uses scene changes to increase the artistic effect of the environment, produce a sense of three-dimensional and hierarchical, and create a comfortable environment, which is beneficial to people’s health and can also improve their working efficiency.

Prolong the Service Life of Lamps 

The main factors affecting the service life of lamps are overvoltage and cold shock, which greatly reduce the service life of lamps. Intelligent dimmer has output voltage limiting protection function: that is, when the grid voltage exceeds the rated voltage 220V, the dimmer automatically adjusts the output to less than 220V. The system can extend the lamp life by 2-4 times, which can save a lot of lamps and reduce the workload of lamp replacement.


The room itself is not equipped with too many switches, and the main line control is integrated into a remote controller to control all the lights in the house. In addition, the clock controller can also be used to make the light change automatically according to the sunrise and sunset every day.

Smart home lighting system allows users to realize the environment they want. This lighting system can be set freely, and users can endow it with more functions according to their actual needs. Smart home lighting system will definitely be the tendency in the future.

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