The TBO Company Announces Launch Of A New Bath Toy Organizer With 50% Discount Offer

When It Comes To Safety In The Bathroom, Simple & Organized Gets Best Results

The BTO Company is pleased to announce the launch of its new storage holder for toys and other bath playtime essentials. To celebrate the launch, the company is offering a limited time 50% discount offer.

The Bath Toy Organizer may seem like a simple idea but a lot of thought has gone into the design and production of this storage basket to ensure that it accomplishes its objectives and creates a more organized and thus safer environment for children at bath time.

With the bathroom being the second most recorded place for accidents next to the kitchen, a simple organizational tool that is well thought out and easy to access, is able to reduce the chances of accidents occurring. Falls and slipping are the most common accidents in the bathroom and when children’s toys are scatterred around it can become a recipe for impending disaster. One simple storage holder can help to bring order to the bathroom without impinging of the ability to have fun when the splashing begins.

A spokesperson for the company said, “When it comes to form and function in bathroom safety our designers looked at the most important factors when designing this product. When you mix water and steam with many materials you get a breeding ground for bacteria, so the materials used in manufacture are extremely important. We not only use a mold resistant material but our mesh design also allows for quick drying to further aid cleanliness. It’s also washable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.”

He continued, “We also looked at ease of access making sure we could position the basket holder so that everyone could easily gain access during bath time.”

To this end the bath toy organizer comes with sets of suctions cups to include two heavy duty suctions cups that are able to stick and hold heavier toys and make sure that whatever you place in the toy bag above the bath will stay right where you put it. Whether it’s your Skip Hop Dunk Stacking Ducks or Boon Water Bugs with Net or Green Toys submarine, they’ll all fit in the bath toy organizer and be ready to play with when needed.

“The most common accidents occur when people stand and slip on wet items in the bathroom. Our toy holder will eradicate this potential threat whilst keeping the toys available to the children at all times.”

The BTO Companys Bath Toy Organizer is launched exclusively on Amazon US and is comprises of a 17″ x 14″ white mesh storage bag with a blue trim. Four suction cups are included including two extra ‘heavy duty suction cups’ that can be used as extra cups for the toy holder or for towels or bathrobes in the bathroom. The storage holder is washable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For a limited launch period, the BTO (Bath Toy Organizer Company) Bath Toy Organizer is available at a substantial discount and can be purchased for $9.95 on Amazon USA.


The Bath Toy Organizer Company manufactures and distributes products to enhance safety in the bathrooms especially in the child safety in the home and bathroom. Products manufactured by the company can be purchased via (US) and more information can be found on The Bath Toy Organizer page.

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