The Sword of Cullen by Dennis Stamey is a Power Packed Sword-and-Sorcery Tale

USA – September 5, 2016 – What thrills and mysteries can a small novella hold for the readers? A lot if the writer knows his way around such things as swordplay, alluring women and bizarre creatures out to take away your freedom. The Sword of Cullen by Dennis Stamey is proving the critics wrong who said there wasn’t much left in fantasy anymore by attracting huge traffic since its online publication.

The Sword of Cullen, available as a Kindle edition, is a rollicking adventure, chronicling the journey of Cullen, who must battle in the arena against powerful creatures to gain his freedom. He also has to guard against alluring and seductive women on the way. There’s plenty of swordplay, bizarre creatures, and action at every step.  More exciting than Star Wars or Lord of the Rings! An absolute thrill ride!

Dennis Stamey holds deep insights into the historical and the paranormal. His first novel, The Devil’s Horror Show, details his explorations into the unknown. He does not shy away from graphical accounts or violence, incorporating sci-fi element of space and time warps to spin a disturbing but good tale. Dennis resides in Katy, Texas with his wife and three children. He graduated in social sciences and holds a postgraduate degree in ancient, medieval and renaissance studies.

The Sword of Cullen will make the reader relive the days of Weird Tales and Amazing Stories. It is 77 pages long, but packs a good punch, driven by insidious villains and femme fatales. What’s more, this is the first edition of a series based on Cullen.

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