The Sunflower Girl You Light Up the World (A magical tale of conjuring nature in all its beauty)

The Sunflower Girl You Light Up the World (A magical tale of conjuring nature in all its beauty)
The Sunflower Girl You Light Up THE World by Kimmy Overton
The beauty of The Sunflower Girl’s message is magnified with the gorgeous paintings, each carrying carefully distinct color palates, intricate strokes, and an overall, striking impression. The execution of this art piece is not only clever but significantly unique.

“Art is a place where you can be with your own kind, a magical place where imagination flies freely and widely.”― Efrat Cybulkiewicz

 The Sunflower Girl, a story that will inspire children everywhere to hope, courage, and dreams, divulges the exceptional artistic excellence of Kimmy Overton, an artist, and children’s story author, with an eye for colorful and unique aesthetics. It is a book that is enough to fill any art enthusiast’s appetite with eye-catching pieces. Along with that, The Sunflower Girl offers a message of spreading light and love through the courage of children around the world in need of hope.

 When Julia has to leave, she has to make a tough decision; what to take from her beloved garden? She chooses a sunflower with the longest stem. The golden seeds fall everywhere and wander with her in the dark world, enlightening the sky, and meeting with the stars.

Sarah, the girl on the other end of the world, watches Julia spread light with her sunflower. It intrigues her to be a part of her mission as she witnesses the scattering of light and brightness, which overcomes the darkness in the world. They silently share the admiration they have for flowers, and Sarah goes on to walk in Julia’s footsteps.

The book is a true depiction of how love, admiration, and courage can bring the magic we all crave. It calls us to appreciate true friends and family in our lives and to help us continue to dream.

With dollops of wisdom, innocence, and creativity, The Sunflower Girl is an inspiration to children everywhere to maintain hope and courage.

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