The Sudanese Student Movement Announced A New Cryptocurrency For The Democracy Lovers Worldwide

The Organization has also declared October 1st 2018 as the disobedience day for Sudan

Baltimore, MD – January 3, 2018 – A Sudanese Student Organization is fighting for democracy and they have recently announced that they are declaring October 1st, 2018 a disobedience day for Sudan. In this regard, they have launched a new movement, which is funded from within using the blockchain technology and therefore, they have launched a new cryptocurrency coin by the name of ‘Democracy 4 All’.

“Our student movement in Sudan is a non-violent movement and it stands out from other student movements around the world because it extends beyond student rights issues,” said Mohamed Ahmed Abadi, while talking about The Sudanese Student Movement. “Our struggle is to obtain freedom and democracy for the overall Sudanese Civil Society while resisting dictatorship,” he added.

October is an important month not only for students but for many freedom-seeking Sudanese people. This month basically remind people of the overthrow of Abbud in the October Revolution of 1964. On June 30, 1989, a military coup led by General Omer Hassan  al-Bashir toppled the democratically elected civilian government of Sudan and the students have been fighting for democracy since.

The organization is therefore declaring October 1th 2018 a Disobedience Day and made it a rule that they are boycotting the Government of Omer al-Bashir. Moreover, they will stop buying or using the goods or services of government companies and will also boycott state media. Furthermore, the newly launched Democracy 4 All Coin is a cryptocurrency for democracy activists worldwide and not just the Sudanese people.

Media Contact
Company Name: Democracy 4 All Coin
Contact Person: Mohamed Ahmed Abadi
Phone: 443 686 8799
City: Baltimore
State: Maryland
Country: United States