The start-up NFT Horse GameFi Platform METAHORSE raised US$ 1.1 Million in seed funding and it is planning its launch in the next few weeks

Backed by the Royal Digital Foundation, Metahorse, the world’s most futuristic NFT Horse GameFi Platform has raised US$ 1.1 Million and the good news is, it will launch its NFT pre-selling campaign very soon.

Metahorse, the first-ever NFT Horse GameFi start-up powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – one of the pioneers of blockchain technology – has recently announced that it has successfully raised US$ 1.1 Million in seed funding from private financers based in UAE and Malaysia. The names of these investors are yet to be disclosed by the Metahorse management.

However, according to the recently published press release by the Metahorse, the financers of this emerging NFT horse GameFi platform have expertise in Information Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technology while few of its private investors have a generations-old association with horses and they have kept alive the tradition of keeping, training, and racing horses in this modern era.

Furthermore, the Chairman and one of the seed investors of Metahorse, MetaWin, who has a deep knowledge and expertise of digital blockchain-based assets and has led several successful blockchain start-ups, said in a press conference in Dubai, UAE that the Metahorse team has successfully executed the pilot testing of Metahorse NFT pre-sale campaign, and in the next few weeks, it will officially start private as well as public sales of NFTs globally. He also apprised about the seed funding of US$ 1.1 million to the media.

Telling about the Metahorse team, he said, his team consists of more than 35 blockchain engineers, game developers, data scientists, cyber security experts, and designers along with that Metahorse has various departmental teams including marketing and brand management and the operations staff from around the globe. He further added that the Metahorse team is continuously putting its efforts to ensure the development of a community-driven platform that will facilitate its members by all means.

The Metahorse Chairman also shared a projected roadmap and according to that plan, Metahorse GameFi Platform has completed the initial research phase and development phases 1.0 and 2.0, and now it is in the development phase 3.0, in which, according to him, the Metahorse team will launch the beta version of the GameFi in the second quarter of 2022 while the full version will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022.

About Metahorse:

The Metahorse is the world’s most futuristic NFT Game-Fi Platform powered by Binance Smart Chain. It is a meticulously developed digital horse ecosystem that will facilitate everyone to own, ride, race, maintain, trade, and spectate horses digitally and inexpensively while in the comfort of their place.

This NFT Horse GameFi platform is developed on the world’s most powerful real-time game engine, Unity, which is so much more than the world’s best real-time development platform – it’s a robust ecosystem

designed to ensure the success of every project as it empowers the developers to develop a project once and deploy it across 25+ leading platforms and technologies to reach the largest possible audience which includes the most famous platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStations, Xbox and so on.

Metahorse will offer various game modes to its players. By entering into these modes the users will compete in horseracing competitions and will be able to amass large sums of profit. But most importantly, the Metahorse, as conveyed in its slogan digital equate reality, will present a unique opportunity to its players where they will stand a chance to own a ‘real horse’ and to become an owner of a real horse, the players will have to win racing competitions, so to increase their in-game standings. When they will reach the five star-rating, achieve emerald rank and own a black or brown NFT horse in the Metahorse, they will be conferred with the highest in-game honor METAH HORSE. The players having this honor will be awarded a real horse that will be used in the physical world.

What’s more, Metahorse is being developed to be a community-driven platform, where the ideals of DAO will be followed and where every member will have a say in deciding the future course of action. Unlike traditional gaming platforms, the overall governance mechanism of Metahorse will empower its community member to decide through vote about the proposals submitted to the community.

Last but not least, the Metahorse gameplay is based on the Play-2-Earn model which is designed to enhance the living standards of its participants by facilitating them to race NFT horses to win large sums. The team at Metahorse has ensured easy access to simple, but thorough information about the whole Metahorse project, the general information about operations of cryptocurrencies, GameFi, NFTs, and above all useful tips about the blockchain functions to the Metahorse community. This is all to assist everyone in securing entry into the Metaverse.

So, be a part of the Metahorse: the gateway into the futuristic Metaverse where the digital equates to reality.

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