The Sole of Innovation: How A Young Immigrant Entrepreneur Works to Transform the Modern Fashion Industry Through Shoes that Stand Out

The Sole of Innovation: How A Young Immigrant Entrepreneur Works to Transform the Modern Fashion Industry Through Shoes that Stand Out

Ambitious young entrepreneur Damilola Adepoju uses his unique designs to both change how we wear shoes, and set a positive example for the fashion industry

NEW YORK, New York – March 24, 2020 – ​We all know the feeling: You’re packing for a trip, and find yourself frustrated by the sheer number of items you’ve got to cram into your heavy suitcase. For Damiola Adepoju, this familiar problem became an opportunity to innovate. What if shoes could be more versatile, even customizable for every occasion? This is the driving idea behind Adepoju’s company, Fini Shoes.

An unconventional path has led to unconventional ideas, and a unique background has led to a unique perspective. Adepoju earned a degree in both fashion and engineering, and then worked as a mechanical engineer for a top airline, before his path finally led him back to fashion. As an immigrant from Nigeria, he sees the success of the Fini brand as part of his American dream.

Adepoju came up with a unique solution to his dilemma by designing a shoe that can be worn up to six different ways. His goal was to create a design that had the potential to be both fashionable and appropriate at the office, at the club, and anywhere in between, whether formal or casual. Working with the individual needs of his customers is one of his core values.

While Fini shoes are practical for people from all walks of life, It is no surprise that they are especially popular among young, up-and-coming creatives of all stripes. Adepoju’s innovative design, which makes use of zippers to transform the style of the shoes, makes them ideal for anyone who sees fashion as creative self-expression. The wearer has the ability to customize their footwear by adding a variety of accessories to the base shoe.

Fans of Fini include the rapper Chad B, actor and presenter Eric Winter, actor Blaise French, and singer Wolf Tyler. These artists and performers recognize the unique potential of the customization elements, which let the wearer transform their look from day today. This is Adepoju’s solution to the lack of adaptability he sees in the rest of the industry.

In the words of Adepoju: “I want to introduce a different type of creativity into footwear. Fini, as a brand, intends to deliver innovative shoes and versatile ways of wearing shoes. We are on a journey to change how they are viewed completely. Our shoes are adaptable, versatile, unique, and handcrafted with natural materials in a sustainable factory.”

The versatility and creativity of the shoes is vital to Adepoju’s vision, but this is not the only thing that sets him apart. Making an impact is important to him, and this is reflected in Fini Shoes’ dedication to environmental sustainability and an ethical supply chain. In this way, Adepoju aims to set an example, and push for positive change in the fashion industry at large.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry globally, responsible for 10% of all carbon emissions? Many brands are huge contributors to global warming, a troubling fact unknown to the average consumer. Adepoju seeks to disrupt the wasteful standards of the industry by caring for the environment, meaning his customers can feel good about their purchases.

In the environmentally conscious spirit of Fini, Adepoju searched the world for the perfect production facility. Eventually, Fini Shoes was able to move production from China to the Rodama Factory in Portugal, where masterful craftsmanship is combined with environmentally friendly practices. These practices are evident in the factory’s use of green energy.

Adepoju’s designs prove that affordability does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of luxury, style, and creativity. With Fini shoes, formal, professional attire can be trendy, and a look for a night out can be vibrant and original, all with the same pair of shoes, for a price that won’t break the bank. Adepoju’s cutting edge designs, along with his high standards for ethical production, make him a fashion industry standout you simply cannot ignore.

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