There is no bond like mother and son.

Los Angeles, CA – September 1, 2017 – TriCoast Entertainment is proud to officially release Sam Hancock’s USA mysterious, dramatic film, “AUGUST FALLS” today, September 1, 2017 for its Amazon Prime premiere.

In collaboration with BelleHammer and Umbrage Entertainment, “AUGUST FALLS” depicts a mother’s ultimate nightmare – the sudden death of a child.

When a telephone call awakes an estranged mother, Anna Ellison (Fairuza Balk) in the middle of the night, she is shocked to hear that her 20-year-old son, August, by falling out of a high window.

Anna begins to raise questions about her son’s death, and as we all know, mothers always know best.

With the true determination of a mother’s love for her child, Anna begins her investigation by immersing herself in her son’s old life, trying to piece together not only his murder, but also the pieces she missed as an estranged mother.

To honor “AUGUST FALLS” making its debut premiere today (Sept. 1) on Amazon Prime, TriCoast Entertainment has created a list of must-watch movies if you crave genuine mystery, prisoners’ brave attempts to break free, and the indisputable love a mother has for her child.

This is our bucket-list of “THE SIX BEST FILMS TO TEST A MOTHER’S LOVE”:

1. The Changeling (2008)

The combination of director, Clint Eastwood and Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie, provides for an ultimate, tear-jerking film about a mother fighting to find her true kidnapped son.

2. Flightplan (2005)

Jodie Foster stars in a mother’s worst nightmare – when her daughter suddenly vanishes on a plane flying home from Berlin.

3. Gone Baby Gone (2007)

When 4-year-old Amanda McCready disappears from her home, her aunt takes charge by hiring private detectives to find Amanda.

4. August Falls (2017)

When Anna Ellison receives a late night call informing her of her 20-year-old son’s death, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind this mysterious event.

5. Trapped (2002)

Starring Kevin Bacon, Charlize Theron and Courtney Love, “Trapped” is about a family, The Jennings, who face the ultimate tragedy when a gang of thieves kidnaps their young daughter. 

6. Kidnap (2017)

Halle Berry plays Karla McCoy, a single mother, who portrays the endless lengths a mother will reach to save her missing son. 

“AUGUST FALLS” has diverse, distinguished cast, containing long time celebrities such as the heartbroken and determined mother, Fairuza Balk (“American History X”, “Almost Famous”, “The Waterboy”), Charles Baker (“Wild”, “The Neon Demon”) and detective, Alanna Ubach (“Meet the Fockers”, “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce“).

The lingering question remains – was her son’s death an accident?

You’ll have to watch to find out.

Watch “AUGUST FALLS” on Amazon Prime today, platforms such iTunes, etc. Purchase “AUGUST FALLS” on DVD today on websites such as Best Buy, Target and Barnes and Noble for exclusive footage.

Watch the trailer here:

AUGUST FALLS (2017, 98 min.) Directed Sam Hancock. Editor: Ian Montgomery. Cinematographer: Paul Nordin. Original Music: John Brian Kirby. US, English. BelleHammer, Umbrage Entertainment, TriCoast Entertainment.


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