The Secret to Happiness Might Not Be All That Hard to Find

‘It is expressed as a smile, a healing touch, a connecting in mutual desire’

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 30, 2024 – If one would like a fresh start in their life as planet earth turns into a new year, Dr. Pieter Noomen would suggest an approach that he found remarkably successful in finding happiness.

A psychotherapist who worked in suicide prevention and hospice, Dr. Noomen also served as a senior minister for various Protestant churches, and he believed the secret to happiness could be found in spirituality.

Although his worldly life ended in 2019, Dr. Noomen wrote extensively about his personal conversations with what he called “The Real Reality,” an entity that others might call God, Allah, the Holy Deity or any of the other terms. Dr. Noomen said the moniker that the “Real Reality” spoke of was simply “I AM.” And when it came to the subject of happiness, this is what Dr. Noomen said “I AM” told him: “I am the light of life. I am this for all. As you notice, I am not giving you techniques for how to connect with Me. I just state that the challenge is there for any entity to start participating in the real world of happiness if they want. The consequence is that once a choice is made, the direction of one’s wondering and wanderings changes.

“You saw some of the greatness of an all-round cheerful society. Even if others don’t experience this, their insight into what life consists of, in the forces working in and around them, and in inner peacefulness and determination, will grow noticeably … always to their great joy.”

Dr. Noomen wrote extensively of his conversations with I AM, and he left all those writings on a website ( as a gift for anyone and everyone to access for free.

I AM is fully aware that the world is not a place that’s all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, according to Dr. Noomen.

“The disarray in human living isn’t caused by any of the present human generation. But your being part of it makes you accountable for your share in its continuation, even if you are not judged or criticized by Me or those in the Positive State,” I AM told Dr. Noomen. “Your task is hopeless in the sense that no human effort can restore the ‘Zone of Displacement’ to universal perfection and harmony. Realizing this can help you to avoid unrealistic expectations.”

But hope persists. “Lightheartedness and humor come from a growing understanding that life itself is still Mine and driven by My energy,” Dr. Noomen quoted I AM as saying. “What doesn’t reflect this and what smears the purity of My energy is pathetic. It is not worth paying much attention to, unless as a good opportunity to protest it, to interfere with its negative practices, and to use it as affirmation of what real life is not.”

An example of Dr. Noomen’s Wisdoms of the Week, available on his website “What does it mean that life’s totality, source, meaning, mode of operation and future is only love? Well, just try to see it this way for a moment. You then will have a vision in which all is light, uplifting, radiating happiness and enriching. It is expressed as a smile, a healing touch, a connecting in mutual desire.”

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