The scarf-like lightweight neck pillow by BMGoods receives good reviews on Amazon

The travel neck pillow by BMGoods has received good reviews from the users on Amazon. The lightweight travel pillow that looks like a scarf supports the neck in ergonomic position and provides ultimate support while traveling. One of the customers who purchased the product says in their review, “I travel a lot and, will admit, was skeptical of how this would work. Hands down, the best travel pillow I have used over the years. It feels very natural and is comfortable in a variety of positions. I was worried about the around the neck wrap but found it really didn’t bother me at all. I wish I would have had this pillow a long time ago”.

The BMGoods travel pillow is made with a soft and lightweight fleece fabric that gives the relaxing and comfortable feel. It is smaller in size than traditional pillows which makes it easy to carry and the user can easily store it in their purse, handbag or suitcase while traveling.  Unlike the traditional U-shaped memory foam pillows, this travel pillow features a unique design which is half the size of the conventional pillow and weighs only 148 grams. The customers can use this pillow while traveling in plane, train, bus, subway, office and anywhere they need to support their neck. It is recommended to be used whenever the user needs to sit for an extended period of time to relieve tension in neck and shoulder.

Using a good quality neck pillow ensures that the user doesn’t suffer from neck and shoulder pain during long travels which is why BMGoods have introduced this innovative new design of neck pillow which is less bulky than the traditional neck pillows and provides the similar comfort. It is made of high-quality foam and fabric, which as a whole is machine-washable. “This was a gift for our travel nurse daughter, who flies constantly. She loved it. Said it lets you sleep in a normal position on a flight”, says another customer on Amazon. The innovative design of the travel pillow holds head upright and maintains proper neck alignment. Additionally, the use of high-quality fabric in the construction ensures that the pillow lasts for a long time.

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