The Red Effect is a Must-See Film of 2019 – a Story of Race, Hypocrisy and Hope

Blue Artists producer Pierre Walters announces the release of his latest feature film, The Red Effect.

The Red Effect is an intense and thought-provoking film that asks the difficult question: what is “right” in an America where negative racial perceptions still reign, and justice is swayed by a history of prejudice?

Based on current events, the film relates the aftermath of a fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white man. Although the youth is said to have a criminal history, he is a recent graduate of a second-chance program spearheaded by community activist Glenn Johnson (Pierre Walters). This draws the attention of TV reporter Naomi Morgan (Tracy Allyn), who refuses to abandon the story even though her black editor insists there is no story and that it’s an open and shut case.

This riveting tale explores the hypocrisy of the so-called “post-racial America” where old prejudices die hard, and an impoverished and underserved community must cope with yet another loss. It is also a tale of perseverance, and a poignant look into the injustice faced on a daily basis by black urban communities.

What is perhaps most remarkable about the film is the diversity of the people behind it: an ensemble of award-winning directors, actors, and producers with a passion for storytelling that encourages understanding and unity.

Director Jordan Miller is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, artist and recording engineer. The Red Effect is Jordan’s first feature film. Jordan has also produced an award-winning short film, ‘Lastwinter’, several original music albums, and many music videos for various bands and hip hop artists. Jordan is the owner/engineer of Maryland-based recording studio and film production house, Gypsy Cab Studios. He also drums and sings in the bands Time Columns and Lost Keys.

Creator and lead actor Pierre Walters is an award-winning actor, film director, branding expert and community leader. Pierre is the senior producer at Blue Artists, an award-winning creative firm that has produced over 120 global brand campaigns and media initiatives. He has performed in over 25 films, 20 theater productions, and over 15 television commercials. As a director, he has been nominated as BET’s Music Video Director of the Year. His work has received year-over-year award nominations by BET and Gospel Music Channel as television’s Gospel Music Video of the Year. He is the winner of the DC Black Theater Festivals One-Act Adult drama, the Telly Award for best Christian Family Television Program, and a finalist for the Society of Adventist Communicators Young Professional award.

Creator, passionate storyteller and producer Myles J. Franklin began working with Blue Artists after earning his Bachelor of Arts in film and video production from Brooks Institute. He has produced music videos, award-winning television broadcasts and independent feature films, and is the founder/CEO of Julian Wines. The Red Effect is his third film collaboration with Blue Artists and the first with director Jordan Miller.

Producer Lisa Wassel is an actress and award-winning producer with a background in film (Coney Island), television, commercial and print work. Most recently, Lisa was the producer and assistant director for the award-winning film, Fighting a War of my Own.

The Red Effect began taking shape in 2013, before Ferguson or Baltimore, before the recent deterioration of America’s racial climate. The Red Effect’s creators and producers hope that their film will educate people about how the media influence public perceptions, and inspire understanding and coming together to transcend racial and economic barriers.

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