The Reason And The Function Of The Agricultural Soil Detection

The Reason And The Function Of The Agricultural Soil Detection

Why do people need to detect agricultural soil? This is because of the supply-demand Imbalance and unreasonable fertilization between soil and fertilizer in modern agricultural production.This is necessary for the farmer to use the soil detector measuring the soil accuracy and adjusting the agricultural production.

Why is there a supply-demand Imbalance between soil and fertilization? Because each crop takes different nutrients from the soil and runs away different soil nutrients. If only use the same fertilizer to supplement, it is difficult to supplement the complete. Modern agriculture also faces the problem of a lower utilization rate of fertilizer or overuse of fertilizer. It not only causes waste but also pollutes the environment and even leads to a decrease in crops. The overuse of fertilizer will cause the soil to harden and have a great effect on our future agricultural sustainability development.

So can they do to change this situation? Must to detector the soil. Because it can help to discover the details of soil. It is not only the content detection of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, soil temperature and humidity, PH value and other index data detection is also important.

Such as soil temperature and humidity detection, too lower soil water content will cause a decline in photosynthesis. Lack of water can also cause crop deaths. Because the total volume of the soil gap is constant, and it’s water and air that take up this volume. Then when the water is too small. Plant roots don’t absorb enough water. The transpiration of plants makes plants lose a lot of water, which leads to water loss and death. It will also cause the soil to harden, crack. cause soil to harden, crack. Low moisture content and low humidity will greatly affect the normal growth of crops. But too much water isn’t a good thing either. When there is too much water, the air takes up a smaller proportion, forcing the roots to switch to anoxic respiration, which produces alcohol that poises the roots, causing root rot and, in severe cases, death.

Regarding the growth of the plants. Not only the humidity. A suitable temperature is also important. Suitable soil temperature is better for the growth of plants. Too low or too high temperatures are not conducive to plant growth. The plant seed must be germinated in a suitable soil temperature range. Within a certain temperature range, the more high the soil temperature, the more quickly growth of the crops. Different plants have different temperature requirements. The monitor of soil temperature makes crops growing at a suitable temperature to increase the harvest.

Soil moisture temperature plays an important role in the growth of crops. Regular testing is essential. Soil temperature and humidity sensor is a top tool to detector temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity sensor uses an integrated temperature and humidity probe as a measuring element. Temperature and humidity signals are collected and processed by voltage stabilizing filtering, operational amplification, nonlinear correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse protection circuits. The output of a current or voltage signal is converted into a linear relation of temperature and humidity. The output of 485 or 232 also available via the main control chip. In the measurement of soil temperature and humidity, the probe should be inserted as deep as possible into the soil, and the probe should be kept about 1cm away from the soil so that the measurement will be more accurate.

High Temperature Humidity

Many element will effect the accuracy of measuring, the probe shell also has a great influence on the protection effect and air permeability of PCB module. Stainless steel filter housing can protect the PCB effecient. HENGKO temperature and humidity sensor housing is durable, safely and effectively protect PCB modules from damage, great advantage of dustproof, anti-corrosion and waterproof. Up to IP65 protection level, humidity sensor module can be more effectively protected from dust, particulate pollution and oxidation of most chemicals, to ensure its long-term stable normal operation, close to the theoretical life of the sensor.

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