The Real estate investment firm that combines courage, professionalism, trust, and passion launches in New York.

New York, NY – 2nd Jan, 2018 – OP capital Group was established in 2007 & specializes in buying and investing in multi-family buildings in New York City and Brooklyn.

Real Estate is currently one of the popular ways to make extra income. Individual investors such as entrepreneurs and the rest, searching for something different that will make profit for them, most of the time, shift attention towards real estate investment. However, there are a lot of limitations such as day-to-day management, at both operational and at selling strategy level, it also is sometimes costly to manage the re-selling and operation of your property, all this challenges is what the firm will help you overcome.

Real estate business is not for everyone especially if you don’t have a suited firm to help you out, that’s what OP capital Group is offering, a place, a firm that sees the potential and value of investments where others can’t see it. As a real estate investment firm, we work around the clock to find buildings in prime locations that have potential to increase property value through building improvements and appreciation.

CEO’s of OP capital group Mike and Moti specialize in finding off-market deals below market price, renovating the property, and selling it for profit. Through their years of experience they have gained the trust of their investors which has allowed them to establish their status as a leading real estate group.

OP Capital Group is focused on the future: growing the company to take on larger projects with the right investors to finance the deals you are aiming for.

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Company Name: OP Capital Group
Phone: (212) 616-1508
Address:45 E 34th St
City: New York
State: NY 10016
Country: United States