The Quality of Ceramic Blade Determines Performance, Claims CHEFPRO CROWN

Not All Blades Made from Zirconium diOxide Are Made The Same, Claims Manufacturer

Ceramic knives used to be the domain of the professional chef. For many years they were an enigma and so expensive that normal wannabe home chefs and cooks would steer clear of them on price alone. but in recent years with lowering production costs via manufacturing in China, the lure of the ceramic blade has become one that home cooks are starting to experience.

It should be remembered that ceramic knives are not an all purpose tool. You are effectively cutting with a honed piece of ‘ hardened glass’ for want of a better word. These therefore limits the uses for ceramic knives and hard surfaces including what you will be cutting should be avoided. Boneless meats, fruit and vegetables are their main use, which does allow for a large range of jobs in the everyday kitchen.

So What Are Ceramic Knife Blades Made of?

Well ceramic blades are made of a substance called Zirconium dioxide. If something in the name sounds familiar, it might be because you are wearing a ring on your finger with a sparkle that contains the same basic material, Zirconium or CZ as its more commonly known in the fashion and jewellery industry.

The actual process of making a knife however, involves the compression of Zirconium dioxide powder into a mold under high pressure. This forms the basis of every blade known as ceramic. but this is also the point at which the quality of a blade and how it is treated from this point on determines the nature and quality of the end result. What occurs in terms of the polishing of the blade edge after it is molded will determine whether you have a sharp usable instrument. The length, depth and nature of the polishing process can determine whether you get a reasonably sharp fine edge polish or a deep half blde polish that create a dangerously sharp blade that needs to be treated with the same respect as you a shattered plate glass window.

As you can imagine, because the market is strewn with a plethera  of imports as the popularity of using ceramic knives grows, the old adage that you probably get what you pay for, is a good a measure of what type of blade you are likely to receive.

A spokesperson for manufacturer CHEFPRO CROWN said, “Ceramic blades are a rising popular product and as with any product that sees a sharp rise in demand, you are also going to see a section of the market trying to cash in with, shall I say, less than great products under the auspices of the genre. Quality in blade manufacture and polishing especially, are paramount at CHEFPRO CROWN and we take care in making sure we produce a high quality blade so that our customers can really appreciate the versatility and help that a ceramic knife can provide in the everyday kitch preperation of fruit and vegetables along with some boneless meats.”

The CHEFPRO CROWN Ceramic Paring Knife and Peeler set combines the best in polishing technology to provide a great introductory set for those people not familiar with ceramic blades and at the price you would expect to pay for singe quality steel paring knife.

The spokesperson continued, “We wanted to give an introduction to ceramics at price that most people would consider spending to try something new. We will be launching a more substantial set for the serious kitchen cook or chef in the very near future.”

The CHEFPRO CROWN Ceramic Paring Knife & Peeler Set comprises a Y shaped peeler with a ceramic blade and a 3 inch paring knife with a double sided polished blade and an extra long handle for better control. The set is currently available at a 50% launch discount to enable as many people to try them as possible.


CHEFPRO CROWN are manufacturers and distributors of kitchenware products. The Ultra Sharp Ceramic Paring Knife and Vegetable Peeler Set can be found exclusively on Amazon USA.

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