The PWA Group starts a new apprenticeship program

The PWA Group starts a new apprenticeship program

The PWA Group have opened the gates for a new apprenticeship program. Their criteria for applying is simple yet much focused. They are looking for highly motivated and highly skilled individuals who are driven in expanding their knowledge and skill, who are creative with their approach of the industry and continuously look for growth in every way. 

With apprenticeships being a longer commitment than internships, it is extremely rare for smaller companies like The PWA Group to publicly announce that they are taking on apprenticeships as such companies normally cannot handle the overwhelming number of applicants and commit to long programs like this. The PWA Group however has decided to take this on as they believe they have the right team and infrastructure to nurture the amazing talent that is out there so they have a direct path in the industry and hopefully stay with the company for many years to come.  

Not every company has the same process, or the same work environment or even the same company structure, so The PWA Group want to nurture as much in-house developed individuals as possible so they can hit the ground running as soon as they are ready to start full-time.  

Nothing has been added to their website to keep the number of applicants down and any resumes have to be sent to their general email address to be vetted manually. They are going to perform a stringent filtering process and have announced that only 20 applicants will be chosen for a final interview after which all 20 will be invited for a 15-day testing period. After this period 2 individuals will be selected to stay on with the company permanently.

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone, young or older who feels like they are ready to take the next step in this industry and work in a thriving, motivating and exciting environment.  

The cutoff date for applicants is the end of June 2022.  

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