The Pros and Cons of the Nerf Retaliator

Mommy blogger Sandy Harrison has issued her official review of the famous Nerf Retaliator.

Mommy blogger Sandy Harrison has issued her official review of the famous Nerf Retaliator.

Sandy, the founder of parenting blog MumeeMagic, has read every review she can get her hands on and test driven this classic Nerf toy and revealed her thoughts on one of the most sought after of the Nerf collection.

Sandy said: “This design first came out in 2012 – it has a classic look and color scheme that us adults will swoon over. It is funny to think that some of the kids who will be playing with this will not have even been born when it first came out. The white look is not necessarily a favorite with the kids as there are so many funky designs available now that capture their imagination more and there is talk that it will be phased out very soon.

“A note for the true collectors out there – the original Nerf Retaliator back in 2012 was all orange, but they have actually been white since 2014.

“One of the big benefits for parents considering a Nerf for their kids is that the Nerf Retaliator has lots of options to make modifications and buy extra kit to accompany it. This a great if you want to buy gifts or rewards for your Nerf mad kids. You can invest in accessories instead of having to buy a new gun every time.

“There are lots of upgrades and modifications that you can access. There is an Elite Plus Pack that comes with a dart drum that attaches to the bottom of the gun, which allows easy access to the darts. It is a small and light accessory, so doesn’t inhibit the performance of the gun.

“This blaster can be transformed into four different types of gun. The different configurations can suit the person who is using it or what they are trying to do. For example, you can make it smaller and lighter for young players or you can extend it. There are four different extensions with this gun.

“Because the Retaliator is so adaptable then it is great for children to share. You can load it up with all of the accessories for older children and modify it when it is the turn of the younger child to play. This is another great money saving consideration.

“With that said, the rate of fire of the Retaliator is not as good as the Disruptor. Players can fire off some good shots, but the slam-fire system is just not as powerful. But, it is reliable and there are hardly any jams in the system, which makes it a trusty weapon for their battles. The potential firing distance is impressive and a seasoned player could fire the Retaliator up to 90ft, but the average is around 71ft.

“It is important that parents consider all of the features and accessories of a Nerf before they make the decision on which one to get. The range of different guns and their different specifications can be very different for children and different age groups,” she added.

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