The Pink Shop presents an online marketplace with all the products in Pink

The Pink Shop is an online paradise for all Pink lovers out there. It is an online marketplace created by the pink lovers for the Pink lovers to provide all kinds of cute products in various shades of pink. From T-shirts to handbags, sterling silver jewelry to picnic essentials, the customers can find a wide range of products with a dash of this feminine color. The online store has curated cute and useful Pink products from the top manufacturers and constantly adds more to its ever-growing database of products.

Wendi Chan, the owner of The Pink Shop loves the color Pink herself and decided to take her love for the color to the next level by building a platform that unites all the Pink lovers together and allows them to express their love for this color through amazing products. Her online store is one of those places ‘where you can be pink, love pink and find pink’.

Like a number of girls out there, Wendi has been fond of Pink and all its hues since her childhood,. She believes there is a certain nostalgia attached to this color which reminds one of the good and carefree times. This color allows a person to express their feminine side while giving an inner strength that comes from the acceptance of one’s own identity.

As an adult, Wendi reflected her love for Pink by covering the walls of her house in Pink and using cushions, sofas and home décor in Pink. She started her journey of entrepreneurship with the ‘Pink Parlour’, a beauty salon providing hair removal, nails and spray tans services. Founded in 2005, this salon soon became one of Singapore’s leading Hair Removal specialists offering Award Winning treatments from Waxing, IPL hair removal, Spray tanning and Princess Manicure and Pedicure.

Her latest venture ‘The Pink Shop’ is an expansion of her never-ending love for Pink. The customers can choose from a variety of products to express their love for Pink and create their magical world with all things Pink. Some of the featured products on the website include the Pink stone earrings, Pink and White Balloons, Pink Unicorn Beach towel, flower shaped soap gift box, cotton Yoga socks in Pink, disposable Tableware set and more. Find all the products at

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