The People Centric Accountant Looking to Add Value

The American Dream

Does the American dream build an attitude of complacency? The masses tend to follow the same trajectory: go to college, earn a degree, and work a corporate job until retirement. Deciding to take the road of security instead of taking risks or opting to build multiple streams of income. This question of complacency and figuring out one’s true value potential are all things Allan Leslie asked himself after obtaining his degree in accounting from Fisk University. While working a six-figure job proceeding graduation — Leslie believed he had “made it,” until he became aware of the subtle feelings that told him otherwise. In a state of ambivalence towards his true emotion; he knew there was something more he could do, so he followed that feeling and never looked back. 

Mindset Shift

Prior to matriculating into Fisk University, a historically black college, Leslie was born and raised in the Virgin Islands. Motivated to get the best educational experience; he moved to the states and focused his studies in accounting which proved to pay dividends in his robust 10 year corporate career. Leslie worked in a spectrum of positions which included Management Accounting, International Accounting, Accounting Information systems, and Financial Planning and Analysis. Prior to his corporate career Leslie spent  5 years as an auditor for the state of Tennessee where he received his masters and acquired his CPA. 

However, this career path held its own unique challenges. Mainly with Leslie’s last position  where he was the highest positioned person of color in his department which caused him to sacrifice time and his identity.“There were two versions of me: Allan at work and Allan outside of work.” Leslie remarked. Essentially, Leslie knew something felt off, so he felt compelled to find and tap into his true calling.

An Untraditional Accountant Who Wants to Add Value

“I don’t consider myself to be a traditional accountant,” Leslie said with a smile on his face. The traditional accountant tends to be more introverted and less people centric. The exact opposite character traits Leslie possesses. “I’m a natural teacher,” Leslie said. Eager to share his experiences with those who want to benefit from his knowledge. A particular vignette that holds valuable information to onlookers is Leslie’s story of inheriting six-figures and losing it. When Leslie was 10 years old, his father passed away, but he soon found out that his father left him a sizable inheritance. However, in his studies, he haphazardly spent this sum of money which left him in over $50,000 in debt following his college graduation. 

Embodying a can-do-attitude and a deep belief in himself, Leslie made a game plan to dig himself out of debt. After years of frugal spending and sound financial decision making — Leslie not only paid off his debts, but positioned himself on the road to building his networth to over six-figures. “I just know that I’m going to be more successful,” Leslie declared after sharing his story. “But what I’m really keen on is what my legacy will be after leaving this earth.” 

Whether it’s shedding light on his experience of inheriting a sum of money and losing it, or how to properly think about investing in the future.  Leslie eagerly strives to help individuals through their financial journey, but is more so motivated to build his brand as someone who is reliable in his accounting ability,  knowledge for wealth building, and ethical. 


Today Leslie is the CFO for a non-profit, owner of a consultancy, and an avid investor in the stock market and real estate. While continuing to pursue these avenues of wealth building; Leslie wants to share his experience and knowledge to every-day people who may not understand the value of financial literacy. His social media account, 6 Figures To Bigger Figures (@6FTBF), is dedicated towards providing resources and education to help individuals in their personal financial journey. Follow Leslie’s page now and send him a message to get his top 10 mistakes millennials make on the path to building wealth.

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