The Panel Of UHMWPE Water Absorption Tank

The Panel Of UHMWPE Water Absorption Tank

The panel of UHMWPE water absorption tank has the characteristics of high quality, uniform thickness, smooth and flat surface, good heat-resistant parts, excellent chemical route, electrical insulation, non-toxic, low density, easy welding and processing, excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance. It is one of the engineering plastics currently meeting the environmental protection requirements.

Performance introduction of PE scraper for UPE cover plate of polymer polyethylene water absorption tank panel:

1. The service temperature of PE scraper of UPE suction tank cover plate is 100 ~ 110 ℃. It has good cold resistance and can be used at – 269 ℃. The product with a density of 0.985g/cm3 and a molecular weight of 2 million has a breaking tensile strength of 40MPa, an elongation at break of 350%, a bending elastic modulus of 600MPa, and a continuous impact impact impact of the cantilever notch. Abrasion amount (MPC Method) 20mm.

2. Polymer polyethylene water absorption tank panel UPE cover plate PE scraper in our daily work, the common water absorption panels include vacuum type water absorption panel, coating vacuum panel, polyethylene panel, etc. Among them, the polyethylene water absorption tank panel has physiological circulation and physiological adaptability, and is non corrosive; The vacuum type water absorbing panel has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, small friction coefficient, uniform dehydration, etc., and can greatly improve the service life of the panel and the case net.

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Main Features Of Chain Guides

The chain guide has the following characteristics:

1. The impact resistance of the chain guide is high, especially in the low temperature environment.

2. The chain guide has strong wear resistance, and its wear resistance is 5 times that of nylon material 66 and PTFE, and 7 times that of carbon steel.

3. The friction resistance of the chain guide is small, only 0.07-0.11, and has good self-lubrication.

4. Good non-adhesion, easy to clean for surface adhesions.

5. The chemical properties are stable, and most of the inorganic substances, organic acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents do not corrode UHMWPE.

6. The chain guide has excellent aging resistance, and its aging life is more than 50 years under natural light.

7. Completely hygienic and non-toxic, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is suitable for industries that require high hygiene conditions such as food and medicine.

The density of the chain guide is small and the weight is light. Easy to carry and install.

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