The Official World Record turns 10 years old and is clearly positioned as the record of the future, already being the most prestigious and valued among the aspirants to obtain that title worldwide.

The Official World Record turns 10 years old and is clearly positioned as the record of the future, already being the most prestigious and valued among the aspirants to obtain that title worldwide.

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It is an NGO to publicize records of general interest, which is financed with the certifications and verifications carried out by its official judges, and which later publishes on its official website. It is much younger than the GWR, with criteria more in line with society current and dynamic, which is drawing the attention of all the new candidates for the great veracity and more modern terms. Being the fashion record with the most future and most prestigious in the world today.

Official World Record is a world record authority. The register was founded in Vic (Spain, European Union), in 2010, being the first Spanish world record register, and worldwide it’s the direct competitor of the other reference world record register, the Guinness World Records. The difference between the two registers is that Official World Record is much younger, founded in the 21st century, fast and with more accordance criteria to today’s society. And that it operates as an NGO that is funded through the collection of fees for the certifications carried out by its official awardees, and a database of world records that it publishes on the official website. And the Guinness World Records is older and with criteria that are sometimes seen outdated:

As an example we have the recent case of a nurse who ran the London Marathon with a current dress from her hospital and that the Guinness did not recognize for not being dressed in a skirt, apron and cap, and that Official World Record registered:

For this and other reasons, Official World Record is taking great worldwide prestige and recognition that has led it to break the Guinness records, such as the largest Spanish tortilla in the world or the rugby melee with more participants:


It is a non-profit entity that registers records around the world and collects the brands of people, companies and associations that promote projects with a vocation to improve society and initiatives with a spirit of solidarity and social and cultural value.

Is also accredits records of people or companies that are pioneers in their specialty.

The International Organization, Official World Record, and Guinness World Records are the only world record authorities with the most prestige and truthfulness in the world at a global level.

It is the only entity in the registry of world record that has the support of the Council of Notaries of the European Union (CNUE) and convalidated by the official Notary Colleges of the whole world. Thus complying with a rigorous procedure aimed at verifying and authenticate applicant’s records. And is only dedicated to verify and register the records without taking into account the commercial aspect.

Any world record in order to be officially accepted must go through its International Acceptance Committee and comply with the regulations of each specific record to be officialy accepted. It verifies all the data to issue the certificates and trophies of the records, counting on the endorsement of the Council of Notaries of the European Union and approved by the notary associations of the world:


The origin of Official World Record was based on the knowledge that some of its founders had of the extreme slowness of the Guinness and the unwillingness to register some records following absurd or outdated regulations that the company had. Thus, these people ended up considering the creation of the first registry of inclusive records and without prioritizing commercial parameters of business interest, and finally in 2010 the new Official World Record entity was officially born with a much more modern mentality, of the 21st century.

It has a database of world records that periodically publishes on its website, both human achievements and exceptional facts of the world. Official World Record has increased its database and knowledge worldwide by working closely with other registers of local records such as the Korea Record Institute (KRI), the leading record register authority in South Korea. The Korea Record Institute is their exclusive representative in South Korea, and records that are registered through KRI may choose to be recognized worldwide by Official World Record.

In 2010, the first year of its existence, it registered more than 50 world records, including the largest flag in the world deployed at the Camp Nou in August 2004:

The organization has registered many other records from around the world such as the biggest rugby melee in the world held in Madrid:

Or in the same city the record of penalty kick (inclusive) with the Sanitas Foundation during the Week of Inclusive Sport:

Also other important records made in America such as the largest number of apartments sold in less than 20 hours by Jürgen Klaric:

Or the world’s largest poetry book written in Puerto Rico are just a few examples:

As well as medical records in South Korea and the Philippines with knee operations or very elderly patients, or other more conventional records but no less spectacular as the largest diamond in the world or the tallest building. A variety of categories make up its database of world registries, specializing in inclusive records often starring extraordinary people with some kind of physical impairment.

Since 2015 it has been recognized and registered as a trademark, with logos included by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) under the number 013986054:

And it is recognized by the Council of Notaries of the European Union (CNUE):

It is the only register of world records classified as an NGO since 2019, and according to its statutes, with the denomination Official World Record Association is constituted as a non-profit associative entity:

The purposes of the association are:

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