The Nurse Coach Is Redefining the Nursing Profession by Lifting Nurses Above the Conventional Model to Practice in A Truly Inspiring and Fulfilling Way

The team is helping to bring a halt to the needless loss of financial resources and lives lost to the contemporary practice of curative healthcare delivery

The Nurse Coach is reigniting the flames of passion in the lamps of nurses by helping registered nurses across the country move beyond the sphere of managing symptoms to become extraordinary Nurse Coaches through the Transformative Nurse Coach Program. This initiative was born after witnessing a shift in the method of healthcare delivery across the country and the growing need for holistic nursing.

Presently, greater emphasis is being placed on treating the symptoms of diseases and not the lifestyle pattern or habits that have led up to that critical point. Usually, the display of these symptoms is an indication that the disease has reached an acute level and if not treated with utmost urgency, may take a bad turn for the patient. This steady decline in the preventative form of healthcare delivery has sapped the passion and joy of healthcare professionals, especially nurses, who are at the forefront of this vehicle to doom but are incapable of steering the wheel.  Fortunately, the Nurse Coach is granting nurses free reins on changing the path of this delivery system from the inside out.

The Nurse Coach program equips nurses with the right information by educating them on the tried-and-tested integrative approaches to ensure that their patients enjoy a healthy life, alongside training them to be world-class Nurse Coaches. In this program, the Nurse Coach is taught the various elements of lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and stress management and their effect on the patient. They are also taught to identify any component that requires attention while positively engaging in and incorporating the right habits into their lifestyle.

In addition, the Nurse Coach offers holistic nursing services as they assist in identifying the psychological, social or emotional wound in the patient. The nurse and the patient or group work hand in hand to create goals and plans surrounding their lifestyle, alongside offering support and professional help based on detailed resources and specific research that can lead to improved wellness. Most importantly, the Nurse Coach learns integrative approaches to cater to the needs of these patients. The Transformative Nurse Coach program is poised to highlight healthy living and lifestyle medicine as opposed to curative healthcare delivery,

Besides making an impact in the life of their patients through holistic nursing, certified Nurse Coaches can achieve a healthy work-life balance based on a flexible schedule that gives them control over the number of patients they can attend to while they gradually attain financial freedom.

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About The Nurse Coach Collective

The Nurse Coach Collective is the brainchild of Peter J Giza and Heather Lapides who are highly-experienced registered nurses. The duo strives to eliminate the obstacles and create a smooth path for nurses to become Board Certified Nurse Coaches.  

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