The Nomad coffee machine challenges the world of high-quality espresso coffee brewing

Is it possible for a small, simple, easy to use coffee machine to make top quality espresso beverages, equivalent to complicated machines costing thousands of dollars more?  In the case of the newly launched Nomad the answer from customers is a resounding yes!.  In the words of James Rees ” I feel confident that I can make lattes better than the best coffee shop here in Vancouver, and you can use that as a testimonial”.  Australian adventurer Mick Essex is on a motorcycle journey from Alaska through South America, traveling through the great coffee growing regions.  As a coffee “nut” he needed a way to make the best possible coffee.  With a special compartment built into his motorcycle the Nomad has become his traveling companion.  Now from the mountains of Alaska to the deserts of the southwest to the jungles of South America Mick enjoys top notch espresso coffee as he travels.  His travels are posted on instagram.

While the Nomad traces its roots to the high quality classic lever machines it is completely unique in every other respect.  Much smaller in size, easier to operate and lower in cost than revered lever machines it makes uncompromising top quality espresso.  The simple operation makes it easy for even the first time user to make barista quality espresso drinks.  It is ideal for gourmet kitchens, boats, RV’s, dorm rooms or as a traveling companion wherever people want the best quality coffee drink.  And because it needs no electricity, batteries, propellants or cartridges it is at the top of the earth friendly list.

The Nomad coffee maker is the brainchild of neuroscientist Dr. Vincent Chen who wanted to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional coffee machine such as its high cost, bulkiness, and complicated operation.  With an appreciation of the classic lever machines he believed that a small simple device could be created that would still make top quality espresso.  “Sure you can make great espresso with expensive classic lever machines, if you have barista skills, but why couldn’t there be a machine that keeps all the great points of the lever machine but is smaller, simpler, easier, more reliable and less expensive?” says Dr. Chen.

With the proper application of science and engineering and years of refinement the Nomad became the realization of that goal.  The result is a machine that while compact in size produces the exactly correct pressure, flow and temperature for quality espresso brewing and remains easy to use.  This makes it ideal for homes, offices, traveling and outdoors or anywhere you have coffee and hot water.  The minimalistic design and user friendliness of this machine make it stand out from the rest.  After Kickstarter funding the Nomad is rapidly being adopted by coffee enthusiasts around the world, many preferring it to their existing expensive, complicated brewing devices.  Moreover, the Nomad coffee maker comes in a variety of colors such as cobalt blue, luminescent green and silk white among others. More information about the same can be found on their official website.

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