The Next Frontier of the cryptoexchange: \”iCoinbay\’s Innovative Insurance System\”

iCoinbay, a cryptocurrency exchange, recently introduced a new method of operation for the industry called Trading Premium Gain (TPG). This new method is a tokenized, community-based crypto-asset exchange which allows platform users to increase their earnings through normal trading activities by having a stake in the exchange’s earnings in token form. All community members who have the token can enjoy extra revenue through what is known as “Trading Premium Gain.”

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iCoinbay has three key features described below, in addition to precise computing based on a mathematical model which prevents the flow of funds from being disrupted by a decrease in the influx of new users, avoiding the collapse of the platform.

1. The Equity Token

Tokens have an inherent value and all tokens issued by a first-rate blockchain system should be linked to the real economy and service the real economy. The token economy is a system that realizes large-scale and strong coordination among community members by setting a mechanism of positive and negative incentives. Therefore, exchanges rooted in community development should be constructed as a decentralized token economic entity.

The aim of iCoinbay is to allow users to have a right to a portion of exchange earnings in token (TPG) form by giving these users a total of 70% of exchange revenue. iCoinbay will distribute 70% of the previous week’s income to community members weekly, based on the proportion of TPG held.

This represents iCoinbay’s aim of realizing a “token economy” theory. In the process of realizing this aim, complete asset transparency has been achieved and can be seen on the asset transparency information page.

2. The Economic Theory

The iCoinbay operation rewards users’ normal usage of the platform as a contribution to the community, and those who generate transaction fees are awarded TPG tokens worth 100% of the value of the transaction fees. This philosophy aims to build a fair, cooperative community.

Meanwhile, iCoinbay also sets corresponding punishment measures during the construction of the community, which aim to punish the negative actions of community members by suspending or withdrawing tokens. This is the negative incentive mentioned in the “token economy” theory.

3. The Integration of Traditional Financial Theory and “Token Economy” Theory

The most innovative point of iCoinbay is the built-in insurance, which is specifically designed to protect the value of TPG. Although the premium only accounts for 0.025% of the transaction amount, TPG holders are assured that after 100 days, regardless of how the market moves, their token can be exchanged for stable coins at the token’s originally issued price.

In this way, TPG users may enjoy extra revenue and earnings from any increase in the currency’s value and need not worry about the risk of currency value depreciation. The establishment of an insurance mechanism fully embodies the integration of traditional financial means and token economic theory based on establishing a perfect verifiable economic mechanism. Investors and industry observers alike are enthusiastic to see how this new approach can positively reform the industry.

In this competitive age of cryptocurrency exchanges, TPG is set to deliver a new concept to the industry, demonstrating iCoinbay’s unique capabilities and potential. While the eventual cryptocurrency exchange winner remains uncertain, iCoinbay is intent on providing answers to some of the fascinating questions.

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