The new Seeka app is here to revolutionize the way students search courses online

Imagine a possibility that the students can know everything about a course they’re interested in and have the power to compare that course offered in more than 36 countries. This sounds like a new revolution in the education industry that may as well simplify course search to a deep extent for the students as well as their parents. The newly launched Seeka app does just that and a lot more.

Seeka is world’s first dedicated search engine that enables the user to search a wide range of courses in more than 36 countries and compare them at the same time which no other search engine can do. The popular search engines such as Google and Bing can only provide information about a course but none of them enables the student to compare the courses, that too for free. No wonder Seeka is growing popularity among the students and parents around the world, with over 10,000 users joining the app weekly.

Until now, most of the parents were mainly looking at the major countries such as Australia, Canada, America and a few others for sending their child to study but now with the launch of this app, things are about to change. Using this course search engine, the users can search the courses they want in several other countries such as Slovenia, Egypt, Iceland, Japan etc. which were underrated despite the quality of education they offer. The user will also be able to see the course details, fee structure for the same course in different countries so that they can choose the preferred and most affordable option to combat the high tuition fees around the world.

Unlike the traditional way of learning about a course through education agents who would suggest limited options, Seeka provides a many more options to the users to think about and choose. “We currently have more than 1 million courses from 36 countries in our database which is constantly increasing, as we add over 10,000 courses every week. We’ll be soon adding courses from other countries including India, Norway, Vietnam, Brazil and more”, says Ado Dedovic, Founder & CEO in their statement.

Seeka course search engine also allows the students to check their world ranking, campus, and city experience. The students can search smart with Seeka by comparing upto 10 education providers, seeing the course fee in their own currency, knowing visa requirements, and other important information. The app will soon allow the education providers to become a partner and create their marketing campaigns. Seeka is available on iTunes and soon be available on Google Play for Android users too. More information can be found on

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