The new Panulu app aims to make daily chores easier, now open for registration

The newly launched mobile application named ‘Panulu’ provides a platform to request and service your local errands from neighborhood folks. The service which is currently offered in 50 states of USA allows the registered customers to request for daily services or chores from the registered service providers. Though the app will be launched in mid spring, it is now open for registrations.

The app can be used to request services such as buying and delivering groceries, picking up pizza, drop off/pick up of kids, parents, spouse or any other family member as well as cleaning of house, fixing leaky faucet, cooking or helping in arranging parties, snow removal from the front yard, post seasonal jobs and a lot other daily or regular activities. The app is meant to ease up the daily chores and provide the user an easy option to seek help from their neighborhood and around the area.

To start using the app for local errands and food services, the users can register on Panulu app and start requesting for service as soon as users register. These requests can be tracked and monitored by consumer and service providers who are local Panulu registered member based on the customer’s request.

The app will be free of cost to download and the open membership is also without any charges, however, the premium membership is available at a price of $7.99 per month which offers more benefits through which the service providers can earn 10-20 per cent more and also the consumers can get a discount of 7-15 per cent.

To register on the app, the user will have to enter their personal details such astheir legal name, address, date of birth, driver’s license and social security number (SSN) and to obtain the pickup and drop off services; the user will have to mention their vehicle and insurance details.

To process the payments, the user will also need to enter their credit card details. For service provider, bank information is required for transferring their by-weekly earnings. The users will also have the option to register as both consumer and the service provider on the app while the charges for the background check will be paid by Panulu itself.

For the safety of their members the background check is done for every registered user; both consumer and service provider which include SSN validation address history, sex offender list, terrorist watch list, national criminal search, and motor vehicle report. Additionally for the safety of children Panulu allows certified drivers only to pick and drop off kids below the age of 18.  Panulu has a unique way of certifying drivers by encouraging them to volunteer at local school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and in return Panulu matches 2% of the drivers’ incomes to PTA or school.

The app is all set to be launched in the spring of 2016 but is open for pre registrations at present. The advantage of registering early is that all the pre-registered users will be upgraded to complementary premium memberships for 12 months during which service providers can earn 10-20% more and consumers can get 7-15% discounts.

More information about the app is available at

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