The New Guitar Songs Super-Course for All Guitar-Songs Lovers

Alon Cooper is a multi instrumentalist who presents the Guitar Songs Super-Course, a program that teaches music lovers to play their own favorite songs on their guitar.

August 15, 2017 – is one of the top five most widely read guitar blogs in the world, and now Alon Cooper, the blog founder, is offering a unique, new guitar video course aimed at beginners. Alon Cooper is a self-taught guitar maestro and can teach others to pick up the core aspects of playing guitar rather quickly.

The guitar lessons that are offered by Alon Cooper can help a musical enthusiast learn how to play his/her favorite guitar tunes within a short while. For the last 6 years, Cooper has been teaching music to both online students and local students while traveling around four different continents with his guitar. Cooper also plays the piano, harmonica, flute, and trumpet and records music to his successful YouTube channel and to various other artists.

When most people try to learn guitar online, they are often frustrated by the fact that they are exposed to lengthy lessons about scales and similar irrelevant topics for beginners, and are asked to play generic tunes. And that is why over 90% of people who start playing the guitar abandon it after a few weeks, according to a recent study by Fender.

However, as an individual looking for an easy way to teach yourself the guitar, the Guitar Super Course dives directly into the songs-playing action. The Guitar Songs Super-Course teaches students to play tunes from some of the best musicians like Pink Floyd, The Eagles, John Lennon, Oasis, Leonard Cohen, Ed Sheeran and many other greats.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/474038185/original/thumb4.jpg

About is a leading guitar blog in the world that is founded and managed by Alon Cooper. He presents a great guitar course that can teach students to play some of their favorite songs.

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